Bespoke Tileable Shower Tray

Bespoke Shower Tray

Orbry Bespoke Shower Trays

Are you looking for a bespoke shower tray to fill an unusual space? Need to fit a shower tray into a renovation? Do none of our standard shower trays or drain locations match your needs? Then choose an Orbry bespoke shower tray. Made from strong EPS material covered in a cementitious coating, Orbry Bespoke Shower Trays are designed to be tiled once installed.

Simply choose your drain type and enter the required dimensions of the shower tray (up to 1600mm) to get a bespoke shower tray quote. Delivery of bespoke trays is typically between 16-20 days.

Bespoke Shower Tray Dimensions

* All shower trays are for use under tiles, they cannot be used as a finished shower tray.

* Drain attachments are purchased separately.

* All bespoke trays are 30mm thick.

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