DEVIlink™ Wireless Multi-Room Underfloor Heating Control System


DEVIlink™ is an innovative home comfort system. The main unit, centrally placed in your home, controls sensors and underfloor heating thermostats throughout your home. That means you can control the temperature in your entire house, apply timer settings and switch any electrical device on or off from your DEVIlink™ controller.

DEVIlink™ is a complete system that wirelessly controls the underfloor heating systems in multiple rooms in your home. Rather than each room having its own thermostat that just controls the underfloor heating temperature in that room, the DEVIlink™ system offers a way to centralise the regulation of temperature in your entire home.

The most advanced control system for electric underfloor heating in the UK, DEVIlink™ is reliable and user-friendly. The DEVIlink™ CC central controller (mandatory for the system to work) is an easy to use colour touch screen and allows for accurate temperature control of every room. The system works by having a DEVIlink™ FT floor thermostat (also required) positioned discreetly on the wall above the skirting board in each room with underfloor heating - for example tucked behind a curtain. This sensor wirelessly communicates with the DEVIlink™ CC and DEVIlink™ RS room sensors (optional) and switches the underfloor heating mats/cables on or off as required.

Try the DEVIlink™ CC demo, which gives you more information and allows you to test it out for yourself to see how it works.

What Makes Up The DEVIlink™ System

  • DEVIlink™ CC Central Controller - with this device you can wirelessly control the temperature settings of each of the connected rooms. The DEVIlink™ CC can be placed wherever it provides you with the most convenience.
  • DEVIlink™ FT Floor Thermostat - a 16 amp floor thermostat that switches the DEVIlink™ on and off. Placed in each room that has underfloor heating, the DEVIlink™ FT communicates wirelessly with all DEVIlink™ CC and DEVIlink™ RS devices in the house.
  • DEVIlink™ RS Room Sensor - this device is optional and can be placed in any room from which you'd still like to have the choice of controlling the temperature directly from the room itself. When used, the battery-powered DEVIlink™ RS overrides the DEVIlink™ CC, allowing an individual to increase or reduce the temperature in the room.
  • DEVIlink™ HR Hidden Relay Remote - an optional extra, the remote allows you to control other electrical appliance from the central controller, such as heated towel rails and mirror demisters.

Benefits Of The DEVIlink™ System

  • The most advanced control system for underfloor heating in the UK.
  • Wireless temperature adjustment from one central place in the house.
  • Touch screen control and wireless technology makes the system easy to install and user-friendly.
  • Wide choice of installation specifications.
  • Full technical backup and online support.
  • Scalable - designed to accommodate additions to the system at a later date.
  • With the optional DEVIlink™ RS you can choose to control each room centrally, individually or both.
  • The optional DEVIlink™ HR allows you to also control items such as towel rails and mirror demisters.

Important Note - Is DEVIlink™ Right For You?

DEVIlink™ provides you with the ultimate control in wireless heating comfort for your home or property if specified and installed correctly. DEVI strives for a perfect installation first time every time. Therefore DEVIlink™ needs special consideration to the specification when being installed in the following scenarios:

  • Residential or commercial properties above 150m²
  • Properties with more than 2 floors
  • Properties with reinforced concrete or steel walls and ceilings
  • DEVIlink™ controlling wet systems

If you require assistance on the specification of DEVIlink™, please contact the DEVI technical team on or call 0845 434 9990 option 2.

Buy DEVIlink™ Online

Use the form below to configure a DEVIlink™ system for your entire house. Simply enter the size and choose the requirements of each room. Extra rooms can be added by clicking the 'Add Room' button.

If you are adding DEVIlink™ to an existing underfloor heating installation, and/or do not require underfloor heating mats or insulation, please only complete the required (*) fields.

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