Walk In Shower | Walk In Shower Advice Walk in showers are increasingly popular, so check out our advice page for tips and information about creating your dream walk in shower.

Walk In Shower Advice

Walk In Shower

What Is A Walk In Shower?

The fully tiled floor of a walk in shower sits flush with the rest of the bathroom floor and does not use the typical white plastic shower tray. Hidden underneath the tiles is a special walk in shower tray which is ideally sloped to allow the water to drain effectively. We recommend using non-slip mosaic tiles on top of the level-access shower tray as they will easily follow the fall lines (slope) of the tray. By using non-slip mosaics you will increase the safety aspect of the shower and minimise any risk of slipping.

A walk in shower will have a specially fitted drain that is compatible with the shower tray - as these vary between brands it is important to check that the drain you are purchasing is compatible with the shower tray. Walk in showers are versatile in that they do not require shower screens if the entire room is waterproofed, as is the case in a wet room. However, adding a shower screen (or screens) is popular as they help to protect the rest of the fixtures and fittings from getting wet, and also create an inviting walk in shower enclosure.

What Do I Need To Create A Walk In Shower?


The entire shower area of a walk in shower needs to be waterproofed prior to tiling. This ensures that there are no leaks and that the walk in shower is built on a solid foundation. Tile backer boards are waterproof and provide a smooth layer to tile on. We recommend sealing the joints between tile backer boards with waterproofing tape and waterproof sealing compound.

For more detailed information on waterproofing, please refer to the following guides:

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Walk In Shower Tray

The tray for a walk in shower is hidden below the tiles, but forms a crucial part of a level-access shower. The are pre-formed to provide the ideal fall for the water, which is important to ensure the water drains away quickly and completely. Walk in shower trays are then tiled to produce the final streamlined tiled look of a walk in shower. When purchasing your shower tray, also consider where you would like your drain to be positioned, as you can purchase trays that have a centre drain hole or a corner drain position.

Walk In Shower Drain

The drains and drain covers used for walk in showers are specifically designed to be compatible with the shower tray by the same brand. It is important that you ensure you purchase the corresponding walk in shower tray, drain and drain cover to guarantee that the system will fit and work together. There are various drain and drain cover options for your walk in shower, such as horizontal or linear drains, and tileable or stainless steel drain covers.

Orbry Shower Tray Installation Video

For information on fitting the walk in shower tray, drain and drain cover, please refer to the following video and installation guide:

Orbry Shower Tray Installation Video [YouTube]

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Walk In Shower Screen

Walk in showers can be completely open with no glass enclosure if you like. However, many people prefer to include shower screens and glass return panels to create a more familiar shower enclosure. Adding shower screens for your walk in shower also helps to prevent water splashing onto the fixtures and fittings in the room, and ensures water drains quickly and effectively.

For more information on wet room shower screens, please see the following brochures:

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Finishing The Walk In Shower

When the walk in shower area is fully waterproofed, it is ready for tiling. We recommend using slip resistant mosaics of 25mm or larger on the shower floor for safety purposes.

For full instructions on finishing the walk in shower please read the Orbry Wet Room Installation Guide.

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