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June 2012

New Product Range at TFD: Orbry

In need of a complete wet room solution? Tile Fix Direct is proud to announce the launch of the Orbry product range available online now through Tile Fix Direct!


“Wet rooms made easy” – Orbry 

By providing everything you need to create your dream wetroom, Orby has made it simpler and easier to install any wet room. Check out the products below for an overview of the Obry solution.

Orbry Boards. Orbry Boards are waterproof tile backer and insulation boards. Mainly, the boards are used to provide a waterproofing system for both wet rooms and shower areas. …but, that’s not the only thing these boards are capable of doing. Orbry boards provide the perfect tiling surface, can be used with underfloor heating as a de-coupling and thermal insulation layer, and can be used as partition walls.

Orbry Shower Trays. Orbry Shower Trays come in a variety of sizes with different drain positions to suit your needs. Trays can come to fit either the standard horizontal drain or the new linear drain. The Orbry Shower Trays are inherently waterproof and light weight making installation quick and easy.

Orbry Drains. Depending on the type of shower tray chosen, Orbry has provided two different drains – the standard horizontal drain or the linear drain. Conveniently, both types drains are compatible with 2″ and 11/2” piping systems

It’s important to note that Orbry Shower Drains are only suitable for Orbry Shower Trays. They cannot be used with Marmox Showerlay Trays.

Orbry Waterproofing. To completely tank the wet room, it’s important to join all of the Orbry Boards to each other and to the Orbry Shower Tray. Orbry has a wide variety of waterproof tape, sealing compound, and corner pieces available to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Orbry Accessories. Orbry accessories are available to aid in the complete installation of your wet room.

Click here to view the entire Orbry range.

For more information and advice regarding wet rooms, please visit our advice page.

Why Waterproof?

It’s obvious – the tiles that are around a shower area are bound to get wet at one point or another. But, did you know that approximately 90% of the time this area is not waterproofed before tiling.

Here’s the myth. Most people believe that once an area is tiled it is inherently waterproof.

Why it’s false. Over time, water can seep through the grout and make its way behind the tiles. Once the water is behind the tiles it can cause damage to the wall background, especially if that background is plasterboard.

What’s the damage? Worst-case scenario is that the wall breaks down and the tiles crack and, ultimately, fall off the wall. Often the damage isn’t as excessive and is unseen to the eye. However, the water behind the tiles can lead to mould and mildew.

Haven’t waterproofed up until now, so why start? If you have been in the trade for several years and haven’t waterproofed the shower area, it’s hard to find a reason to start now. Here’s why you should. If you tile a client’s shower area and it, unfortunately, falls part due to water damage it’s ultimately your responsibility. All tile adhesive products come with a warning stating that they aren’t waterproof which means it isn’t the fault of the manufacturer.

The benefits of waterproofing outweigh the additional costs. Prevention is key and in order to prevent the worst-case water leak scenario from occurring, you must ensure that the shower area is waterproofed before applying the tiles.

The Beginning

Welcome! We’ve taken the plunge and have decided to finally enter the wonderful world of blogging.

It’s here where you will be kept up-to-date on the latest news, offers, and all things bathroom, wetroom, and tiling related.

It is our hope that our followers and fellow bloggers will be able to gain from our advice, insight, and opinions. With that in mind, please feel free to comment and discuss any of the topics we post on the blog.

In addition to our blog, be sure to visit us on Twitter @TileFixDirect to get a glimpse of what we are up to in less than 140 characters.


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