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October 2012

Quality Marmox waterproof, heat and sound insulating at Tile Fix Direct

The Purpose of Tile Backer Boards

Typically, the tile backer boards are manufactured for facilitating adhesion. It serves to improve the bond between the wall and tiles. Most tile backer boards are waterproof which allows them to be used in the installation of wet rooms. The boards insulating qualities make it the perfect complement for use with underfloor heating systems.

Marmox is a Brand Known for Supplying Strong Tile Backer Boards

For over 40 years, Marmox has gained experience in designing and manufacturer construction material. One of the brands most notable products is the Marmox. The Marmox tile backer boards are waterproof and provide heat and sound insulation. Additionally, the tile backer boards are lightweight, easy to install, and durable. Because of all the qualities that the tile backer boards possess, they are great to use when strengthening a floor for tiling, further insulating a room, and waterproofing wet room or shower area.

Get your Marmox Tile Backer Boards In a Variety of Sizes

Tile Fix Direct supplies a variety of Marmox tile backer boards ranging in sizes. The Marmox tile backer boards can be custom cut to the size of your requirement and can be arranged to provide maximum floor coverage. In addition to the standard tile backer boards, curved and angled tile backer boards are also available for purchase at cost-effective prices.

Visit Tile Fix online or give us a call on 0333 320 04 24.

Install a wet room for maximum accessibility

Install Wetrooms for Maximum Accessibility

For those in a wheelchair or who are simply less mobile, accessing bathroom facilities can be a challenge. You may want to consider having a wetroom installed. Not only are wetrooms stylish and sleek, they are wheelchair accessible providing a sanctuary for everyone in the home.

Wetrooms – One Level

The main advantage of wetrooms over traditional bathrooms for those in wheelchairs, or for whom getting around is difficult, is that everything is on one level. There is no step up into the shower and no shower lip to negotiate. Everything is accessible by wheelchair. Usually the whole room is waterproofed, although you have the option to only waterproof the areas where the shower water may reach. As the whole room or a majority of the room is waterproof, the entire area can be used as a safe showering area. This is much easier than trying to wash in a small shower space and gives you the room you need to manoeuvre.

Wet Rooms That are Designed By You

Tile Fix stocks and sells all of the supplies necessary for you to design and install the wet room of your dreams. Choose the types of tile you’d like, the style of shower tray, the type of drain, and if you would like underfloor heating.

Wetrooms are a great alternative to a traditional bathroom and provide a safe and comfortable area to shower in for anyone especially those whom mobility may be an issue. To start creating your wetroom, visit Tile Fix online or call us on 0333 320 04 24.

The Benefits of Walk In Shower Trays

Walk In Shower Trays for Use in Wetrooms

Walk in shower trays are used to create the level access shower area found in a wet room. Walk in, or level-access, shower trays create a contemporary showering area and are also useful for helping those with mobility problems.

The walk in shower trays available from Tile Fix Direct on installed and then tiled over. This allows the homeowner to choose the look and style of the entire shower and wetroom area without being confined to limited options.

Get Your Walk In Shower Tray from Tile Fix

If you’re installing a wet room and would like to choose the perfect shower tray for your project, visit Tile Fix. We have an extensive range of walk in shower trays that will suit all types of wet room designs. The shower trays supplied are lightweight, easy to install, and ready for immediate tiling.

To get your shower tray ordered today, visit us online at Tile Fix Direct or call us on 0333 320 04 24.

Try our Underfloor Heating Systems Selector

Tile Fix Direct truly believes in offering high quality solutions for your home, office, or a commercial building. With our range of products including a whole wet room solution, underfloor heating systems, tiling, and tiling accessories, we are sure to have what you need in stock. All of our products are sourced from noted brands like Marmox, BAL, Rubi, DEVI, and more.

Underfloor Heating Systems are Great Lifestyle Additions to Your Home or Building

Underfloor heating systems from Tile Fix are designed to offer indoor climate control for thermal comfort. It is found to be greatly useful in colder areas and is extensively used in bathrooms so that you won’t feel the chills after getting out the shower or bath. Underfloor heating systems are able to emit temperatures that can actually radiate across the room, creating an overall comfortably warm experience.

Let Tile Fix Offer You a Customised Solution for Your Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor heating systems can be used to replace the central heating solutions that use radiators in bathrooms and other rooms around the house. Underfloor heating systems don’t take up space like unsightly radiators.

An underfloor heating system could be the perfect heating alternative for your home. To find out more or to see what kind of underfloor heating may be best in your home, visit Tile Fix Direct and use the Underfloor Heating Selector. If you need any help or advice when choosing the right underfloor heating system, give a Tile Fix advisor a call on 0333 320 04 24.

What use are Tile backer boards for Wetrooms?

Tile backer boards are insulating boards that are ideal for use in wetrooms, rooms equipped with underfloor heating systems, and in rooms where an additional stable background is needed for tiling. Tile backer boards possess waterproof and heat and sound insulating qualities. The boards come in a variety of shapes and sized depending on your specific requirements. At Tile Fix Direct, we stock various different styles of tile backer boards including curved tile backer boards, angled tile backer boards, short boards, long boards, and a range of accessories that complement the boards.

Tile Backer Boards Used in the Construction of a Wetroom

One of the main uses for tile backer boards is during the installation of a wetroom. Wetrooms are fully tanked, or waterproof, rooms with a level-access shower. These types of rooms will typically have the drain inset into the floor, replacing the conventional plastic shower tray. With no shower trays, wetrooms can be designed with more scope and provide a great opportunity to be creative with colours, layouts, and style.

Installing Strong, Durable, and Effective Tile Backer Boards is Essential for a Wet Room

There are many benefits of having a wetroom installed in your home with quality tile backer boards. When properly fixed, the tile backer boards ensure that the entire wet room is waterproof protecting any background from water leakages and residue. Without the use of a tile backer board, your wetroom could potentially fall victim to water damage and thousands of pounds worth of repairs.

Tile backer and insulation boards are lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy tiles. Leakage and other limitations caused from poor quality boards can be disastrous. To ensure that you’re using tile backer boards fit for the job from manufacturers such as Marmox and Orbry, visit Tile Fix Direct or contact a helpful Tile Fix Direct advisor on 0333 320 04 24.

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