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November 2012

Keep Warm This Winter With Underfloor Heating Systems

As the wintery gusts roll in and you start to consider an extra pair of socks to wander around the house, why not consider Tile Fix’s range of underfloor heating systems. This will eliminate the need for unsightly radiators on the walls and give you more space in your house. Underfloor heating systems will keep your feet warm throughout the winter and also radiate heat efficiently throughout the rest of the room.

Can I Use Underfloor Heating Systems In Individual Rooms?

Yes! For example, Tile Fix recommends using underfloor heating in your wetroom to help control moisture from the shower area. Also, underfloor heating keeps your feet warm even after stepping out of a hot shower. Or, you may decide to keep traditional heating in some rooms and only designate a few other rooms to have underfloor heating installed. The choice is all yours – heat the entire house with underfloor heating or choose only certain rooms to be equipped with the space saving, efficient heating system.

Underfloor Heating Systems Are Suitable For DIY Installation

Underfloor heating from Tile Fix Direct is available in matting, cable, or foil from reputable manufacturers like DEVI and Magnum. Tile Fix also stocks mirror demisters that are perfect for any wet room. All electrical heating systems add a hint of luxury to your home. Install the latest, most efficient underfloor heating system today.

Contact Tile Fix

For enquiries and advice on underfloor heating systems please call 0333 320 04 24.

Need Advice For Installing Wet Rooms?

Wet rooms are the latest designer bathroom fitting options available to people all over the world. Bathrooms are increasingly being considered as a very important part of the household, both for practical and design purposes. It provides a soothing escape for people to unwind and should therefore be designed in the appropriate style.

Wetroom installation is a detailed and intricate process that requires the best quality materials in order to ensure it remains water tight and fully functional.

Luxurious Wet Rooms For The Home

There are many aspects of wet rooms design that have to be prepared for such as:

  • Tiles that are durable, easy to clean and well designed
  • Shower drains that can sufficiently handle the flow of water
  • Underfloor heating systems to keep the room warm and the floor dry
  • Temperature regulators to monitor the heating
  • Appropriate water proofing systems such as the use of tile backer and insulation boards
  • Sleek shower screens made from toughened safety glass and available in a range of dimensions;

All of which work together in unison to create the ultimate modern wetroom.

Quality Services and Supplies For Wet Rooms From Tile Fix

Tile Fix is a leading supplier of quality brand materials that can help create your dream wetroom or any other tiled project. Not only can you secure excellent supplies but you can also receive top advice on the best materials to use and other wetroom solutions.

To learn more about wet rooms installation and how you can get started, contact Tile Fix on 0333 320 0424.

Marmox: A Leading Brand For Construction Material

Marmox: The Leaders In Construction Material

When it comes to tile backer and insulation boards, you’ll find that there are quite a few companies who supply the necessary materials.  However, it’s important that for projects such as wet room installations and tiling, only high quality materials are used to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly and on target.   Therefore, it’s recommended to use tile backer and insulation boards from a reputable brand such as Marmox.

Marmox has been in the business of selling tile backer and insulation boards and other construction material for more than 40 years. Marmox is known throughout the world and have made it the company’s mission to provide the best quality products that improve the standards of building materials used by professional traders and the general public.

To find a great range of Marmox brand products, visit Tile Fix Direct.

Tile Fix, The Leading Suppliers Of Marmox and Many Other Brands

Tile Fix is a company who specialise in offering a range of products for bathroom and wetroom related construction projects. Marmox is one of the most popular brands that is supplied and their products are available through Tile Fix at highly competitive prices.

Tile Fix has been in business for over 50 years and in this time have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry as well as in customer service.

Marmox Construction Material, A Call Away

Contact Tile Fix Direct by calling 0333 320 04 24

Easy Assembly Shower Screens

Wet Room Shower Screens

If you’re looking for a way to give your wet room a minimalistic and chic look, then the best solution will be to consider a shower screen. These are best, more open alternative to a shower enclosure and they help complete the look of the wet room.

They act as barriers between your shower and the rest of your bathroom. Wet room shower screens prevent splash back, whilst still keeping the area relatively spacious and open for a relaxed and comfortable showering experience. These screens prevent water from spraying into the rest of your bathroom and keep your belongings and other fixtures dry.

If you would like to install a wet room shower screen made of toughened safety glass and comes with both fittings and fixing instructions, Tile Fix has you covered.

Wet Room Shower Screens From Tile Fix:

View the wet room shower screens available through Tile Fix Direct. You won’t need to worry quality, functionality, and durability of our screens.

For minimalistic, yet chic and practical wet room shower screens contact Tile Fix on0333 320 04 24 and speak to a sales advisor today!

Fantastic Range Of Products To Build Your Wet Room

Tile Fix Has All You Want To Build A Perfect Wet Room:

Wet rooms are the latest trend for shower rooms and bathrooms. The shower area is level with the surrounding floor and the design is simple, yet extremely functionable. They are a striking and spacious option for any size room and provide a sense of openness in an often- cluttered world that we live in today.

As a second bathroom they can be very effective when it comes to increasing the value of your home and will make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

If you believe that a wetroom would be a beneficial addition to your home, Tile Fix can help. We supply all the products you need to create the perfect wet room. Our collections include an array of waterproof and tanking systems, tile backer and insulation boards, shower trays, drains, and more. All our products are sourced from top notch manufacturers such as Marmox, Ardex, Orbry, etc., and feature the latest technology.

Tile Fix Can Help You Create Your Dream Wet Room:

Tile Fix can get you the right materials you need to create your dream wet room. We completely understand you need to maximise space and make your bathroom look stylish and distinctive and this is what each of our products will offer you. Our products will help you construct your wetrooms with total confidence.

To create the ultimate wet roomcontact Tile Fix on 0333 320 04 24 to speak to a dedicated sales advisor.

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