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Clean Easy With Shower Screens

Shower Screens For Convenience, Functionality, Practicality And Style

Wet rooms are the latest trend in bathroom design and are becoming a popular choice because of their practicality and style.  A wet room is a waterproofed or tanked room that is usually equipped with a walk in shower area.  Though wet rooms are completely waterproof and do not require shower screens, installing a screen can act as an effective splash guard and prevent water from getting out of the showering area.  Screens also prevent bathroom fittings and fixtures from getting wet.

Since shower screens contain water within the showering area, they make water drainage easier without the need for having to slope the entire floor of the room toward the drain – just the shower tray.  Screens can also provide space for hanging items when used in combination with a double robe hook.  Shower screens can create a stylish look in any bathroom and effortlessly enhance its aesthetics.

Looking For Shower Screens That Will Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Wet Room?

Tile Fix can offer you the complete wet room solution with our range of shower screens from Orbry.  These screens are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 690mm to 1190mm wide, and will ensure that water is contained within the shower area.

Orbry shower screens are 2m high and feature 10 mm tempered safety glass, which is coated on one side with clearshield coating for added protection and ease of cleaning. The shower screens come with a telescopic wall bar as standard, as well as your choice of surface (sit on) wall and floor channels, or recess (sit in) wall and floor channels. Upgrades are available for an additional cost, for example you can choose a corner support bar or designer wall bar instead ofthe telescopic wall bar – depending on the shower screen configuration.

Additional products that can be purchased include aluminium joints, glass return panels and a double robe hook.  By using the different additional products available as well as using various upgrade options, you can customise the position of yourshower screento perfectly suited to your needs. For more ideas on creating your perfect shower, check out our shower screensadvice page.

To purchase wet room shower screens and accessories visit Tile Fix Direct.

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