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August 2014

Product Feature: Dural Durabase CI+ Decoupling Matting

Dural Durabase CI++

Dural Durabase CI++ is a decoupling and waterproofing membrane for use with tiles to create a watertight and stable flooring. The matting can be used on a number of different substrates including cement screed, wooden subfloors, mastic asphalt screed, laminate and concrete. The decoupling properties of Durabase make it a great choice for renovation work to create even and safe tiled floors on uneven substrates – and it can be used with most underfloor heating systems.

When tiling on to a cracked floor, or one prone to movement, a decoupling system is used to act as a sort of cushioning barrier to stop these issues affecting the tiles, causing wobbly or cracked tiles. Durabase CI++ is a fantastic option for decoupling due to it’s construction optimised three-layer structure.

Dural Durabase is made up of three distinct layers:

    Dural Durabase

  • Mesh fabric provides better adhesive bonding between the mat and the mortar and creates a stable flooring.
  • Optimised shape of the dimples within the centre layer reduce the amount of adhesive required and improve the adhesion.
  • Fleece fabric with active fibres makes up the bottom layer which increases the adhesion surface area and minimises shear stress.

Another fantastic advantage of Dural Durabase CI++ is that it can be used over anhydrite screed. Usually with this type of substrate residual moisture from the screed collects under the tiles and causes damage to the adhesive, however Durabase prevents the moisture from reaching it. The structure of the matting creates channels which equalise water vapour pressure from any substrate type. Not only does it work to keep moisture from the adhesive under the tiles, but the matting can also be used to waterproof a tiled floor, so it’s also a great option for use in wet rooms when all joints have been sealed.

Advantages of Dural Durabase CI++

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Moulds to the floor
  • Waterproofs indoor flooring
  • Bridges cracks and alleviates stress
  • Less adhesive required
  • Highly resistant to mechanical loading
  • Improves footfall sound insulation

Pick up your Dural Durabase CI++ waterproofing and uncoupling matting at a great price at Tile Fix Direct today!

How To Fit The Marmox Tileable Bath Panel Kit

Marmox Tileable Bath Panel Kit

A tiled bath can give a luxurious and cohesive look to any bathroom, and with the Marmox Tileable Bath Panel Kit this style is easy to achieve. The kit includes everything you need to create a waterproof surround for your bath, which can be tiled directly on to.

Marmox Multiboard tile backer boards are a tried, tested and trusted product used by tilers everyday to create a waterproof and smooth surface to tile on to. So it makes perfect sense to use the Marmox Tileable Bath Panel Kit when adding a tiled bath to your bathroom or wetroom.

The panels are extremely easy to install for almost every bath as they can easily be cut to size and the height of the feet can be adjusted. We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide for using the kit.

What’s Included in the kit:

  • 600x1800x30mm Marmox Multiboard bath side panel
  • 600x800x30mm Marmox Multiboard bath end panel
  • 4 height adjustable bath panel feet
  • 300ml Marmox Multibond acrylic sealant
  • 2.5m Marmox self-adhesive waterproof tape

You will also need a tape measure, pencil, screwdriver, 13mm spanner and saw.

How To Install:

  • Position the bath in the right place and check there is enough room for the 30mm board to sit under the bath.
  • Measure and mark the smaller panel at the end of the bath, leave a 30mm gap on the outer edge for the side panel. Cut the panel to size.
  • Place 2 feet at the bottom of the panel, approximately 100mm from the edges, and mark around them. Cut these marked areas out.
  • Push a screwdriver into the centre of the cut out section to create a hole for the bolt to sit in. Position the feet on the panel and screw the feet down until they are flush with the edge of the board.
  • Apply the acrylic sealant to the top of the panel and fit it under the end of the bath. Make sure the board sits back far enough to allow for the tiles to sit flush with the edge of the bath.
  • Repeat these steps for the side panel, adding a bead of acrylic sealant to the side of the end panel before fitting the side board.
  • Make sure the panels are level and adjust the feet as needed.
  • Use the waterproof tape on all edges, you can also use the acrylic sealant where the panels meet the walls.

You’re now ready to tile! Use matching tiles to create a seamless finish, or a contrasting colour to make the bath the focal point. Pick up a Marmox Tileable Bath Panel Kit at Tile Fix Direct today.

Product Feature: Marmox Curved Board

curved board2

It’s always great to be able to add a bit of personality to your home, but it is often easier in a bedroom or living area than it is in a bathroom. Towel colours and accessories are relatively limited, so the design of the bathroom becomes even more important. If you are looking to create something different in your bath or wet room then using a Marmox Curved Tile Backer Board can offer you many different exciting options.

Marmox tile backer boards are used to clad, insulate and waterproof walls and floors, and can be tiled directly on to once fitted. The tile backer boards are also very easy to cut and fit, making them extremely useful for all types of bathroom and wetroom. The Marmox Curved Board is the perfect solution for awkward shape rooms, or for adding interest to a large bathroom or wetroom. Mosaic tiles are often used with the curved boards as they are easily manipulated over curves and shapes, and look great once completed.

Uses for the Marmox Curved Board

  • Curved archways
  • Moulded tiled seats
  • Curved walls
  • Partition walls
  • Round or curled cubicles
  • Curved bath panels
  • Circular steps
  • Pillars

Each Marmox Curved Board measures 600 x 1250 x 20mm and is pre-cut across the width to form small slits, which allow the board to bend into a curve or circle. For gently curved shapes, where the radius of the curve is more than 400mm, the board is curved inwards so that the cuts close themselves. When the shape is less than 400mm wide the board must be bent the opposite way, with the cuts on the outside. When using this method you must fill the cuts and add fibreglass mesh before tiling, to give additional support. Using this method means you can use the Marmox Curved Board to create strong and rigid freestanding structures, for example a curved or s-shaped partition wall.

Installing Marmox Curved Board

Marmox Curved Board

  • Cut the board to the desired shape and size using a saw
  • Bend the board into the shape you need, keep the slits on the inside of the circular shape with the smooth side facing out for a radius of more than 400mm
  • To use the board with the slits facing outwards, for shapes with a radius of less than 400mm, you must use a flexible cement base to fill the gaps and a fibreglass sheet as support
  • Fix the board onto a wooden frame with screws, or onto Multiboard with Multibond or acrylic sealant
  • If tiling you can tile directly on to the curved board and grout as normal
  • If plastering coat the board with 1 part PVA and 5 parts water and start plastering while the primer is still tacky
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