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April 2015

Product Feature: Orbry Board

Orbry Board

Orbry are always trying to make wet rooms easy by providing a complete solution. Part of this range of comprehensive wet room products are Orbry boards – also known as tile backer boards or insulation boards. The boards create a stable and waterproof backing for use when insulating a room or tanking a wet area.

Each Orbry board is reinforced with glass fibre and coated on both sides with polymer-modified cement, making them strong but also lightweight and easy to cut. Orbry board can be cut easily with a utility knife, and even the largest boards weigh less than 10kg and can be handled and fixed by one person. The insulating boards can be used on walls and floors for a number of different applications:

Uses for Orbry Board

  • Waterproofing for wet rooms
  • Creating partition walls
  • Dry lining insulation
  • Backing board for fixing tiles
  • Thermal insulation layer with underfloor heating

Orbry boards are available in a range of sizes, the standard size is 1220 x 600mm with a range of thicknesses between 6mm and 50mm. Long Orbry boards, measuring 2440 x 600mm, are also available in thicknesses from 10mm to 50mm. There are a number of benefits from using Orbry board including:

Benefits of Orbry Board

  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for all types of tiles
  • Insulating
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Hold hanging weight of up to 60kg per m2

The below video shows how to install an Orbry wet room shower tray and Orbry tile backer boards.

Product Feature: Schluter KERDI-BOARD


Schlüter KERDI-BOARD is a tile backer board made from extruded XPS hard foam with cement-free reinforcing material on both sides and fleece webbing to enhance anchoring to the tile adhesive. These multifunctional tile backer boards can be used to create a smooth and even surface for tiling, as a structural panel, and as a waterproof layer beneath tiles. Tile Fix Direct is now stocking Schluter KERDI-BOARD in 5mm and 12.5mm thicknesses, perfect for tile installations, waterproofing, and dry lining.

In many new buildings and renovation projects the substrates are not suitable for tiling directly, particularly in areas with high moisture. Often this type of application will require waterproofing, which can be done easily using Schluter KERDI-BOARD. The Schluter tile backer boards can be used to create a level substrate for tiling over masonry, stud walls, concrete, plaster and existing tiles. The installation method will depend on the type of substrate and use, see the Schluter KERDI-BOARD Technical Data Sheet for further information.

The Schluter KERDI-BOARD allows for quick and easy cutting, with gridlines printed on the surface creating 10x10mm squares to use as a guide. The boards can be cut to size and shape using a simple utility knife. Once installed the waterproof boards are completely smooth and level, and remain free from distortion, decay and rotting.

Schluter KERDI cross section

Benefits of Schluter KERDI-BOARD

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cut to size with a knife
  • Can be used on all substrates
  • Suitable for use with ceramic and natural stone tiles
  • Simple to cut to size using printed gridlines
  • Suitable for creating level substrates in floor
  • Waterproof and can withstand typical chemical stresses of ceramic tile coverings
  • Comes with 10 year warranty

This video shows just some of the things you can do with Schluter KERDI-BOARD

Schluter Tile Trim Now Available At Tile Fix Direct

schluter trim

Schluter®-Systems is a well known name in the tiling industry, manufacturing and supplying a range of underfloor heating systems, waterproofing panels, uncoupling membranes and tile trims. The brand is trusted by tilers all over the world thanks to their innovative and high quality products. One of their most extensive ranges is tile trim and at Tile Fix Direct we are now stocking a range of Schluter Tile Trim available to order online.

Schluter Tile Trim Available at Tile Fix Direct

Schluter-JOLLY Tile Trim

Schluter-JOLLY ACG is a polished chrome anodised aluminium tile trim used to finish and protect tiled external wall corners and other tiled edges, for example tiled skirting. The trim includes an integrated spacer which creates a channel for grout joint between tiles. Tile Fix Direct stocks the following Schluter-JOLLY tile trim:

  • Schluter-JOLLY-ACG 8mm Polished Chrome tile trim
  • Schluter-JOLLY-ACG 10mm Polished Chrome tile trim
  • Schluter-JOLLY-ACG 12.5mm Polished Chrome tile trim


Schluter-SCHIENE Tile Trim

The SCHIENE range of trim from Schluter is celebrating it’s 40 year anniversary this year, having been launches in 1975. The special profile can be used to finish and protect the edges of tiled surfaces, or as a transition between different flooring materials, for example carpet. The SCHIENE-A trim features an integrated spacer which creates a channel between the trim and tile for grout joints. Tile Fix Direct stocks the following Schluter-SCHIENE tile trim:

  • Schluter-SCHIENE-A 8mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-A 10mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-A 11mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-A 12.5mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-E 8mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-E 10mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-E 11mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-E 12.5mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-E 15mm Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-SCHIENE-E 20mm Aluminium tile trim


Schluter-RONDEC Tile Trim

Schluter RONDEC tile trims are symmetrically rounded profiles suitable for use on external corners of tiled surfaces. The RONDEC-A range also features an integrated joint spacer which creates a channel for grouting the tile. Tile Fix Direct stocks the following Schluter-RONDEC tile trim:

  • Schluter-RONDEC-ACG 8mm Polished Chrome Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-RONDEC-ACG 10mm Polished Chrome Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-RONDEC-ACG 12.5mm Polished Chrome Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-RONDEC-E 8mm Stainless Steel tile trim
  • Schluter-RONDEC-E 10mm Stainless Steel tile trim
  • Schluter-RONDEC-E 12.5mm Stainless Steel tile trim


Schluter-QUADEC Tile Trim

QUADEC is a range of connection profiles that offer protection for external corners of tiled walls. The visible area of the profile forms a right angled external corner for tile coverings. Tile Fix Direct stocks the following Schluter-QUADEC tile trim:

  • Schluter-QUADEC-ACG 10mm Polished Chrome Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-QUADEC-ACG 12.5mm Polished Chrome Aluminium tile trim
  • Schluter-QUADEC-E 10mm Stainless Steel tile trim
  • Schluter-QUADEC-E 12.5mm Stainless Steel tile trim


Schluter-DILEX Expansion Joint

Scluter DILEX is a range of expansion joints used to create an even spacing between tiles. The movement joint profile has solid recycled plastic side sections with a soft CPE top movement zone which creates the 10mm wide visual surface. Tile Fix Direct stocks the following Schluter-DILEX expansion joints:

  • Schluter-DILEX-BWB 10mm Grey Plastic tile expansion joint
  • Schluter-DILEX-BWB 12.5mm Grey Plastic expansion joint


How To Choose Wet Room Tiles

How to choose wet room tiles

We often talk about how it’s the ‘bones’ of a wet room that are the most important; the shower tray and drain allow water to flow away quickly and easily and the waterproofing will protect your home from leaks which could cause serious damage. However, this does not mean that the tiles you choose for your wet room are not important too. The tiles will affect the look, safety and maintenance required in your wet room so it’s important to take these factors into consideration when choosing wet room tiles.


Most tile materials are suitable for your wet room, however non-porous materials such as ceramic and porcelain are the most popular as they require little maintenance. Natural stone like limestone, slate and marble can be used but remember that these must be sealed every few months and may require special cleaning products to keep them looking their best. Porcelain tiles are especially suited to floors as they are extremely hardwearing.


The shower area in any wet room will have a “fall”, or gradient, to encourage the water to flow towards the drain. When using large format tiles these will need to be cut in order to be laid on this slope. Mosaic tiles are often used in this area as they can easily cover this slope without having to be cut.


As a wet room is essentially a large shower without an enclosure, it’s understandable that water will splash throughout the room. This can make the floor slippery, so it’s important to choose tiles which are non-slip to avoid any accidents. For added safety you can use mosaic tiles in the shower area which add extra grip in the wettest part of the room.


Generally the floor and walls of a wet room will be completely tiled, so it’s important to think carefully about the look you want to achieve. Go for the same, or similar, tiles on the floor and walls for a sleek look, or mix and match colours for a bright and fun room. Use mosaics to create feature walls or within shower niches for added glamour, or separate the shower area from the rest of the wet room by creating zones with different coloured or patterned tiles.

Order you wet room tiles online from Tile Fix Direct.

Brand Focus: RUBI


RUBI began it’s life in Spain in 1951, when the Boada brothers invented a manual tile cutter for hydraulic mosaic work. This new tool proved extremely popular and even won a diploma of honour and the gold medal at the first national exhibition of inventions, held in Barcelona in 1953. The tool was christened ‘RUBI’ and was the first in a long line of tiling and construction tools. RUBI now designs, manufactures and distributes these tools from their headquarters in Spain, which also includes a showroom, museum and an area exclusively dedicated to training.

RUBI in Focus

  • Founded in 1951
  • Based in Spain
  • Products are distributed and sold in over 140 countries worldwide
  • Design, manufacture and distribute machinery and tools for the construction industry, specialising in tile laying equipment
  • Created the RUBI® Technology Center to expand the business’ capacity to succeed in different areas of research
  • Launched Club RUBI® to keep professionals up to date with the ongoing expansion of their product range
  • Manual tile cutters all have a 5 year warranty


RUBI Products on Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix Direct stock a great range of products from RUBI including manual tile cutters, gloves, masks, drill bits and replacement wheels for tile cutters. Browse the full range of RUBI products available to order from Tile Fix Direct.

RUBI Manual Tile Cutters

RUBI tile cutters are widely used due to their great quality and ease of use. Tile Fix Direct stocks several RUBI tile cutters including the TS40, which has chromed and rectified steel guides, with anti-corrosion treatment and can cut tiles up to 43cm. For tiles up to 66cm, use the TS60 Plus which has an ergonomic shape and reinforced base.

RUBI Tungsten Wheels

RUBI tungsten wheels are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for use with TS and TR tile cutters. These are suitable for sharp cuttings of hard ceramics and are made with high technology RUBI alloy which offers maximum precision and resistance to wear.

Check out the full range of RUBI products available to order online at Tile Fix Direct.

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