DEVI Electric Underfloor Heating

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DEVI became part of the International Danfoss Group in 2003 and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of electric underfloor heating. If you have decided to install an electric underfloor heating system, DEVI can offer you a great range of options.

DEVI - The Best Choice For Electric Underfloor Heating

An electric underfloor heating system is a cost-effective and smart solution for heating your house. They are easy to install and even easier to use. On the Tile Fix website you will find everything you need to install DEVI electric underfloor heating systems.

Browse through our catalogue of DEVI products to choose suitable DEVImat, DEVIflex or DEVIreg products for your project. Featuring underfloor heating mats and loose lay cable, our extensive DEVI underfloor heating range is sure to have the ideal solution for your job.

If you need further advice our team of professionals is also on hand to offer you the most suitable solution, give you advice and help you decide on which electric underfloor heating systems to buy. Alternatively, visit our Underfloor Heating Selector, fill in the simple form, and it will automatically let you know what you need.

DEVI - A Great Addition To Your House

All DEVImat and DEVIflex systems are safe and easy to use. They are compatible with a range of flooring, including concrete, timber, and tiled concrete floors. These high quality electric underfloor heating systems make for a great addition to your home.

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DEVI Electric Underfloor Heating

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DEVI Electric Underfloor Heating Products

DEVImat DTIR-100 for Timber (100W / m2)

DEVImat DTIR-100 Timber Floors (100W Capacity / m<sup>2</sup>) - Available in a Range of Sizes

Item #: DEVImat-DTIR-100-Timber-Underfloor-Heating

DEVImat DTIR-150 for Concrete (150W / m2)

DEVImat DTIR-150 Concrete Floors (150W Capacity / m<sup>2</sup>) - Available in a Range of Sizes

Item #: DEVImat-DTIR-150-Concrete-Underfloor-Heating

DEVImat DTIF-200 for Concrete (200W / m2)

DEVImat DTIF-200 Concrete Floors (200W Capacity / m<sup>2</sup>) - Available in a Range of Sizes

Item #: DEVImat-DTIF-200-Concrete-Underfloor-Heating

DEVIreg Touch Thermostat

DEVIreg Touch Electric Heating Thermostat - Available in White, Polar White and Black

Item #: DEVIreg-Touch-Thermostat

DEVI Continuity Tester "Little Buzzer" Alarm

DEVI Continuity Tester "Little Buzzer" Audible Cable Alarm


£31.79 inc. VAT

£26.49 ex. VAT



DEVIflex DTIR-10 Cable Underfloor Heating

DEVIflex Loose Lay Cable Underfloor Heating Kits - Available in a Range of Sizes

Item #: DEVIflex-DTIR-10-Cable-Underfloor-Heating

DEVI DPH-10 Frost Protection Cable

DEVI DPH-10 Self Limiting Frost Protection Cable

Item #: DEVI-Frost-Protection-Cable

DEVIrail Towel Rails

DEVIrail Towel Rails - U, S and W Shaped - Available in White and Chrome

Item #: DEVIrail-Towel-Rails

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