Marmox Thermoblock | Energy Efficient Load Bearing Insulation Marmox Thermoblock | Energy Efficient Load Bearing Insulation Reduce your build's energy loss by up to 30% with the Thermoblock from Marmox. Guarantees your compliance to building regulations for Target C02 Emission Rate (TER) & Target Fabric Efficiency (TFEE). The low-cost, high-impact solution to cold bridgin

Marmox Thermoblock - Load Bearing Thermal Insulation Block

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Marmox Thermoblock is a strong and easy to install load-bearing block made from highly insulating extruded polystyrene (XPS). This is reinforced with polymer-modified concrete cylinders and concrete mortars to give Themoblock its incredible load bearing strength (9N per square millimetre). This, coupled with Thermoblock’s fire resistant capabilities makes it the perfect thermally insulating bottom course, eliminating thermal bridging and heat loss at your wall and floor junctions.

Thermoblock represents a significant reduction in heat loss when used at the base of masonry or timber frame walls. It’s thermal conductivity is rated at 0.047W/mK - this low cost solution makes a sizeable difference to the energy efficiency of your build, as well as the ongoing energy costs of the property. The Marmox Thermoblock guarantees compliance to building regulations for Target C02 Emission Rate & Target Fabric Efficiency whilst also meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes standards.

These blocks are longer lasting than normal insulation material too, they are impermeable to water and so create a moisture barrier at the base of the wall. Whilst they shouldn’t be used as a damp proof course, they can be installed in humid or damp conditions without any loss of their insulating properties. In turn this also helps to inhibit mould growth in the walls and floors, keeping the occupants safe.

Marmox Thermoblock is perfect to use on roof, floor and wall junctions, beneath door and window frames, in party walls and parapets, and at the base of perimeter and single leaf walls. Marmox Thermoblock come in two widths - 100mm and 140mm - both with a height of 65mm. These load bearing insulation blocks come in packs of 18 and can also be laid side by side in two rows where additional width is required and can be easily shaped with a handsaw or rotary blade cutter if need be.

Features & Benefits of Marmox Thermoblock

  • Highly insulating load bearing insulation block
  • Marmox Thermoblock eliminates the cold bridge
  • Has thermal conductivity of 0.047W/mK
  • Has a compressive strength of 9N/mm2
  • Has a density of 410.3kg/m3
  • Has a weight/m2 of 26.67kg
  • Has an R-Value of 1.3m2K/W
  • Is BBA certified material and is Class O Rated
  • Is Moisture resistant and inhibits mould growth
  • as 0 ODP and low GWP

Thermoblock Information

If you're looking for a load bearing block with state of the art reduction in thermal loss, only Marmox Thermoblock satisfies this requirement. For more information on how the Thermoblock products reduce thermal bridging and how they can help you, please see the guides and advice below direct from the manufacturers.

Marmox Thermoblock Load Bearing Insulation 600x100x65mm
Item # MXTHERM100

1+: £13.86 inc. VAT£11.55 ex. VAT18+: £11.60 inc. VAT£9.67 ex. VAT54+: £11.40 inc. VAT£9.50 ex. VAT
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Marmox Thermoblock Load Bearing Insulation 600x140x65mm
Item # MXTHERM140

1+: £17.34 inc. VAT£14.45 ex. VAT12+: £16.92 inc. VAT£14.10 ex. VAT48+: £16.32 inc. VAT£13.60 ex. VAT
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Marmox Thermoblock Load Bearing Insulation 100mm and 140mm Sizes
Item # Marmox-Thermoblock

From1+: £13.86 inc. VAT £11.55 ex. VAT18+: £11.60 inc. VAT £9.67 ex. VAT54+: £11.40 inc. VAT £9.50 ex. VAT
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