Marmox Board

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Marmox Tile Backer Insulation Boards provide a sturdy, waterproof background for any wet room installation. The boards are also a great insulation for use with electric underfloor heating systems.

All standard size Marmox Boards are 1250 x 600mm and range in thickness from 4mm to 50mm. The long Marmox Boards are 2500 x 600mm and range in thickness from 10mm to 12.5mm.

Marmox Boards are easy to cut and install and can take the heaviest of wall tiles making them the perfect background to lay tiles.

Marmox Board Products

Marmox SoundBoard

Marmox SoundBoard Soundproofing Boards

Item #: Marmox-SoundBoard

Marmox Multiboard

Marmox Tile Backer Board - 1250 x 600mm & 2500 x 600mm - 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 20mm, 30mm & 50mm

Item #: Marmox-Multiboard-Tile-Backer-Insulation-Boards

Marmox Curved Multiboard

Marmox Multiboard Curved Board (600 x 1250 x 20mm)

Item #: MXCB

2+: £20.30 inc. VAT

£16.92 ex. VAT

12+: £19.96 inc. VAT

£16.63 ex. VAT

24+: £19.50 inc. VAT

£16.25 ex. VAT



Minimum Quantity: 2

Reinforcing Tape Roll

Reinforcing Tape Roll - Available in 20m and 90m

Item #: Reinforcing-Tape

Orbry Spankers Expansion Fixing Dowels

Orbry Spankers Plastic Expansion Fixing Dowels - Available in a Range of Sizes from 60mm to 130mm

Item #: Orbry-Spanker-Expansion-Fixing-Dowels

Orbry Stainless Steel Screws

Orbry Stainless Steel Screws

Item #: Orbry-Stainless-Steel-Screws

Marmox Sloping Board 10mm to 33mm

Marmox Sloping Board 10mm to 33mm 1200x1200mm

Item #: MXSB

1+: £45.08 inc. VAT

£37.57 ex. VAT

6+: £38.64 inc. VAT

£32.20 ex. VAT


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