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Sound Reduction Products at Tile Fix Direct

Sound Reduction Products at Tile Fix Direct
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If you are having noise problems with sounds permeating through your floor and into the rooms below, then the soundproofing range at Tile Fix Direct may have a solution for you.

Noise pollution can be a real nuisance and can severely impact on your day-to-day life if sufficient soundproof materials are not installed in the building. A new-build house is sadly no guarantee of quality sound insulation and often you will need to add soundproofing after purchasing a property.

If you are looking to convert a house into flats then soundproofing between the floors is often an important issue to address. If a building has not been specifically designed as flats then there is a good chance that the level of noise from footfall may be unacceptable to those living below. In this instance it is recommended that soundproofing is added to the floors during the conversion of the house into flats in order to reduce the transfer of noise to the dwelling below.

Marmox Soundboard is similar to Multiboard tile backer boards, but is coated on one side with a sound attenuating layer of SBR rubber. This isolates the tiled surface from the floor so that there is nothing for the sound waves to travel through. Not only does the board provide effective soundproofing for tiled floors, but it also has many of the benefits of Multiboard including providing a waterproof layer, secure decoupling, thermal insulation and low compressibility.

Schlüter DITRA-HEAT DUO matting also provides soundproofing and can reduce impact noise by up to 13dB. In addition to its noise reduction and sound absorption properties, the mats allow electric underfloor heating cables to be installed easily, while also providing decoupling, waterproofing and thermal bridging properties.

Marmox SoundBoard Soundproofing Boards
Item # Marmox-SoundBoard

From1+: £22.80 inc. VAT £19.00 ex. VAT12+: £19.33 inc. VAT £16.11 ex. VAT30+: £18.60 inc. VAT £15.50 ex. VAT
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Schluter DITRA-HEAT-DUO Underfloor Heating Kit - Available in a Range of Sizes from 2.4m2 to 7.2m2
Item # Schluter-DITRA-HEAT-TB-Kits

£253.19 inc. VAT £210.99 ex. VAT
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Schluter DITRA-HEAT-DUO Uncoupling & Thermal Bridge Matting - Per Sq M

1+: £15.60 inc. VAT £13.00 ex. VAT10+: £13.50 inc. VAT £11.25 ex. VAT60+: £11.87 inc. VAT £9.89 ex. VAT
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Marmox 12mm Soundboard Soundproofing Boards (1200 x 650mm)
Item # MXSOUND12

1+: £24.00 inc. VAT£20.00 ex. VAT12+: £20.76 inc. VAT£17.30 ex. VAT30+: £19.92 inc. VAT£16.60 ex. VAT
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Marmox 8mm SoundBoard Soundproofing (1200 x 650mm)

1+: £22.80 inc. VAT£19.00 ex. VAT12+: £19.33 inc. VAT£16.11 ex. VAT30+: £18.60 inc. VAT£15.50 ex. VAT
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