Wetroom Design Ideas

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Wet Room Design

Wet rooms, also known as shower rooms, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. When considering your wet room design, there are certain key components that must be incorporated. Ensuring that the room is watertight may not be the most exciting part of choosing your shower room design, but it is one of the most important. A qualified professional can ensure that the room (in particular the shower area) is waterproof, or if you are a competent 'DIYer' then you may choose to waterproof the wet room yourself. Our handy waterproofing guide can help you with this process.

Level Access Shower Tray

A key advantage of your shower room design is the ability to include a level-access shower tray that is gently sloped to allow the water to drain away effectively. You can tile the shower tray in an array of non-slip tiles or mosaics, meaning you can indulge your wetroom design ideas no matter what your preferred colour scheme is.

Wet Room Shower Screens

An important component of your wet room design is whether or not to incorporate a shower screen. Frameless wet room shower screens can make a stylish yet practical addition to your shower area. In a small room a shower screen is important for protecting the fixtures and fittings from having water splash over them. In a larger space it can add a stylish feature that defines the shower zone without obstructing the spacious, airy feel.

Wetroom Drainage

You may not have thought about drainage, but your shower room design can feature an array of drain grates, each with their own style. Linear drains create a sleek, modern look, with horizontal drains providing a stylish, classic touch.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is another optional addition to your shower room design. Installing electric underfloor heating (water-based systems are not suitable for wet rooms) can help evaporate moisture from the floor more quickly, thus making for a safer environment. Underfloor heating also adds a cosy touch to tiles which is particularly welcome on cold winter mornings.

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Carefully Plan Your Wet Room Design

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you is to plan your shower room design carefully and consider how it will function practically as well as how it will look aesthetically. It can be easy to get swept away with looking at wetroom design ideas, but we urge you to consider the following points:

  • Position of Fixtures and Fittings
    Carefully plan where your sink, toilet, loo roll holder, towel rail, shelves and/or any other items you are including will go so they don't get splashed. Also decide if a shower screen is something you'd like to include.
  • Appeal to Future Homeowners
    Whilst this is a fantastic opportunity to indulge your inner designer and create your own oasis from the world, we advise that you take into account how other people will feel about the design if you do look to sell your home. Wet rooms can have a bath included in the design if the space is large enough, and generally homebuyers expect there to be at least one bath in a home, so be sure to take this into account if you are planning a shower room design.
  • Lighting
    The type and amount of lighting included in your wet room design will have a big impact on how the room looks and feels. Spotlights create a striking look and can be used to light the entire room or focus on a feature area. Softer wall lighting can bathe the room in a warm glow, but may not be strong enough to highlight things clearly which could be an issue, for example when looking into the mirror to apply makeup.
  • Ventilation
    Adequate ventilation is an important part of your wet room design. If the room doesn't have any windows then the in-built ventilation is the main way of ensuring the room is properly aired.

By carefully planning the fundamentals of your wet room design you can ensure that you will end up with the best wet room to suit your needs now and in the future.

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Shower Room Design

On a day to day basis, the tiles you use in your shower room design will have one of the biggest impacts on your enjoyment of the space. Many of your wetroom design ideas are probably centred on the colour(s) you would like to incorporate and the effect they would have. By carefully coordinating or contrasting the tiles you use on the floor, wall and in the shower area, you can create a truly unique wet room design that reflects your personal tastes and ensures you can maximise your enjoyment of the room.

On a practical note, we advise that tiles for the shower floor and wet room floor should be slip-resistant to minimise the risk of accidents. Non-slip mosaics in a complementary colour to the rest of the tiles can look gorgeous on the shower floor.

You can also opt to add a statement strip of mosaics to the shower area or throughout the room. When selecting the type of tile to incorporate into your wet room design, take into account that some tiles will require regular sealing to maintain them.

A great place to start when planning your wet room design is to decide on your preferred colour scheme. Looking on Pinterest and in magazines can give you a great place to start, and we've included a few ideas below to help provide further inspiration:

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Wetroom Design Colour Ideas

Natural and Neutral Wetroom Design Ideas

Natural and Neutral Wetroom Design Idea

Featuring lovely warm tones, you can increase the sense of space in a room by using natural and neutral colours in your wet room design.

Black and White Wetroom Design Ideas

Black and White Wetroom Design Idea

Create a striking and modern feel with crisp black and white shades in your shower room design.

Add Colour To Your Wet Room Design

Colour Wetroom Design Idea

Adding a splash of colour can create a real impact and allows you to express your personality whilst adding style.

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Wet Room Design To Maximise Your Space

Shower Room Design For Small Spaces

Here are some great wetroom design ideas and tips for small spaces:

  • Minimise the number of fixtures and fittings and use wall hung sink and toilet units. This will reduce the amount of space they take up and increase the amount of floor space that the eye can see - as a result the room will appear slightly larger.
  • Using light coloured tiles is a classic design trick to open up the space. Using the same colour of tiles on floor and walls with a splash of interest coming from mosaics can be a clever way of maximising the appearance of space without compromising on your colour pallet.
  • Another way to introduce colour into the room is with carefully chosen towels and accessories that can complement the colour scheme whilst adding a hint of interest.
  • Installing a mirror can increase the illusion of space by reflecting light into the room; the larger the mirror the greater the illusion.
  • Having built-in storage nooks can be a great way to make the most of the available space.

Large Wetroom Design Ideas

With a large space you can really indulge your wetroom design ideas and create a truly luxurious space:

  • Introduce statement pieces that draw focus, for example with a bold feature wall or by tiling the entire shower section with eye-catching mosaics.
  • Maximise the luxurious feel of the room by having a spacious shower area complete with two powerful shower heads.
  • Include an opulent bath and tile the sides in a complementary colour to the rest of the room (you can achieve this by adding a marmox bath panel to the side which is designed to be tiled on).
  • Adding one or more frameless shower screens adds a stylish touch and clearly defines the shower area.
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