ThermoSphere Fittings & Furnishings (13)

Heated brass towel rails from ThermoSphere
Heated towel rail 12 volt transformer from thermosphere
A ThermoSphere Towel Bar Mounting System
A white ThermoSphere Flat Glass Panel Heater
ThermoSphere Towel Bar Spigot For Double Ended Bars (80mm)
Double ended heated towel rails from ThermoSphere in a white marble bathroom
ThermoSphere Single-Mounted Square Electric Heated Towel Rail (500mm)
A round mirror with a thermopshere round mirror demister
ThermoSphere Convector Panel Heater in white
ThermoSphere Double-Mounted Square Steel Electric Heated Towel Rail used in a modern white bathroom with a plant
The thermosphere oil filled electric radiator is energy efficient
ThermoSphere Oval Mirror Demister pad for heating mirrors to remove mist