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Kerakoll is the international leader in GreenBuilding. Kerakoll produce a range of eco-friendly tile adhesives, grouts, waterproofing and tiling accories that respect the environment and the world of tomorrow. Browse our range of Kerakoll products today.

A range of Kerakoll Fugabella colour grouts
Kerakoll Aquastop 120 Sealing Tape supplied by Tile Fix Direct
A bag of kerakoll h40 gel tile adhesive available in white and grey in 20kg bags from tile fix direct
Kerakoll Green Pro Decoupling Matting supplied by tile fix direct
Tilemaster Grout 3000 Highly Flexible Wall & Floor Grout (5kg)
Kerakoll H40 Advanced Rapid Settings Gel Tile Adhesive in 20kg bags
Kerakoll Aquastop Fix Waterproof Sealing Adhesive 6kg
A 5kg bottle of Kerakoll Primer A Eco supplied by tile fix direct
A bag of Kerakoll Keratech R30 Self Leveller 20kg
A 20kg bag of  Kerakoll External Leveller Self Levelling Compound