Tile Primer (9)

a 2.5 litre bottle of BAL Prime APD for priming wall and floors prior to tiling, supplied by Tile Fix Direct
Ardex P51 Primer is a high strength concentrated water based primer and bonding agent suitable for a wide range of applications, supplied by Tile Fix Direct
BAL Bond SBR is a multi-use synthetic polymer primer, bonding agent and admixture supplied by Tile Fix Direct
A 5kg bottle of Kerakoll Primer A Eco supplied by tile fix direct
Mapei Primer G Synthetic Resin Primer available at Tile Fix Direct in two sizes.
Bostik Screedmaster Grip A526 Universal Primer
Mapei Eco Prim Grip Plus Primer multipurpose universal primer supplied by tile fix direct.
Tilemaster Prime Plus Priming and Bonding Agent
Tilemaster Prime Plus+Grip Priming and Bonding Agent 1litre

Tile primers create better adhesion of tile adhesive or mortar to the substrate below by creating a surface for the adhesive to bond to. A good tile primer makes problematic substrates a thing of the past, and is the best solution to ensure high-quality long lasting tiles! Choose from our hand picked collection of top tile primers from leading manufacturers like BAL, Ardex, and Kerakoll.