Fittings & Furnishings (22)

Heated brass towel rails from ThermoSphere
Heated towel rail 12 volt transformer from thermosphere
A ThermoSphere Towel Bar Mounting System
ThermoSphere Towel Bar Spigot For Double Ended Bars (80mm)
Orbry 10mm External Corner Joints Orbry Waterproof PVC Panels in Satin Aluminium colour.
Genesis Retro Fit Aluminium Diamond Shelf used in a tiles shower
Genesis Stainless Steel Wing Tapered Shelf used a corner shelf installation in a shower with green tiles
A Genesis Stainless Steel Diamond Shelf used in a tiled shower
Genesis Stainless Steel Tile In Shower Shelf installed in a shower with green tiles
Double ended heated towel rails from ThermoSphere in a white marble bathroom
ThermoSphere Single-Mounted Square Electric Heated Towel Rail (500mm)
Genesis Retro Fit Stainless Steel Shower Shelf used in a small shower area