Tile Silicone (6)

Ardex ST Silicone Sealant is a one component neutral cure elastic sealant and is available in six colours that complement the Ardex Flex grout range, supplied by Tile Fix Direct
A tube of BAL Micromax 2 silicone sealant in gunmetal grey, supplied by tile fix direct
a tube of white silicone sealant in the BAL micromax 2 silicone sealant range, supplied by tile fix direct
Evo Stick The Dogs B*ll*cks White Adhesive & Sealant (290ml)

Silicone sealants are water resistant solutions keeping your joints dry and free from water ingress. Silicone sealants are made from silicone and oxygen atoms, creating a chemically and thermally stable barrier to water that is also resistant to weathering. We stock a large amount of colour matching grouts and silicones so you can now incorporate the silicone into your interior design.