Genesis Vision (27)

Vision offers a range of premium profiles for commercial and domestic applications, designed to protect and inspire with variable mood accents.
The range is specifically designed to accept Universal LED systems and RGB systems for steps, Listello's, edges and skirting offering unlimited freedom of design. Developed with simplicity in mind the range of supporting profiles offers the most frequently installed systems with polycarbonate diffusers that eliminate hotspots.

Genesis Vision LED Multifix TLD Matt Silver & Diffuser
Genesis Vision NLD 11mm Tile in Step Edge & Diffuser
Genesis Vision Natural White 4000K 9.6W LED System on a reel
Genesis Vision 220-12V LED Driver with Micro Connector
Genesis Vision Aluminium Skirting KLD illuminating a floor
Genesis Vision CCT Driver LED 2m Extension Cable
Genesis Vision TUD Matt Silver Guidance System
Genesis Vision CCT & RGB Driver 220-12V
A coil of Genesis Vision LED System CCT 9.6W Multiple White LCT
Genesis Vision EyeLEDs Natural White 4000K Kits
Genesis Vision Multifix End Caps