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Dural matting systems are the ideal solution where areas need to be leaktight, warm, dry, and quiet. Their mats provide waterproofing, decoupling, drainage, sound reduction, and crack bridging with shearing force protection. 

Rolls of Dural Durabase CI Decoupling Matting supplied by Tile Fix Direct
White Dural Durosol DSP Straight Edge PVC Tile Trim
Dural Flexibal Self Levelling Support Pedestals
Dural Durosol DSE Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim
Dural Aluminium Movements Joints with an grey insert
Dural Flexibal PM20 Raising Piece Extension
Dural Colour Matched Brass Movement Joint
Dural stainless steel Movements Joints with an purple insert
Dural Flexibal PB05 Compensating Plate
Dural Durabase Warpseal Self Adhesive Corner Tape (10m x 120mm)
Dural Durabase Warpseal Self Adhesive Fleece Joining Tape