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Ardex manufacture a complete range of high performance flooring and tiling products and accessories, and are committed to matching the right product with the right installation method to minimise time, cost and risk.

A selection of Ardex tiling products including grouts, levelling compounds and primers
Ardex AF200 PLUS Uncoupling Matting Adhesive is a ready mixed easy to apply matting adhesive made by leading brand Ardex. Supplied by Tile Fix Direct
Ardex X7 tile adhesive in grey, supplied by Tile Fix Direct
A 10kg bag of Ardex Flex FL Coloured Tile Grout supplied in bags with Ardex branding. Supplied by Tile Fix Direct
A 2.5kg bag of Ardex Flex FS Coloured Tile Grout in an Ardex branded bag, supplied by Tile Fix Direct.
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 77 tile adhesive featuring Ardex branding in white and pink, supplied by Tile Fix Direct
Ardex Arditex NA Latex Component 4.8KG that makes up part of the Arditex NA floor self levelling compound system
Ardex ST Silicone Sealant is a one component neutral cure elastic sealant and is available in six colours that complement the Ardex Flex grout range, supplied by Tile Fix Direct