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May 2013

Wet Room Shower Trays Available In All Sizes

If your bathroom is in need of refurbishment then be sure to consider installing a wet room design instead of a traditional bathroom suite. Wet rooms are a fantastic, hygienic and easy to maintain option for any household.

Ideal for people who want easy mobility within their bathroom, their flexible designs mean wet rooms have universal appeal. Regardless of the size or shape of a room, wet rooms can be easily fitted and will make the most of every inch of space within the room.

Shower Trays For Your Wet Room

At Tile Fix, we supply all you need to install a fully kitted out wet room. This includes shower trays in a variety of sizes to suit even the smallest of rooms.

Our wide range of wet room shower trays come with the option of where to position the drain. So whether you fancy a centre, corner or offset drain we can help. You can also choose from a traditional horizontal or modern linear drain.

Our shower trays are waterproof and lightweight and provide the perfect surface for tiling. Used with non-slip mosaic tiles, the shower trays are completely level access and tone effortlessly with your wet room décor.

Tile Fix Wet Room Suppliers

For your entire bespoke walk in shower tray needs, Tile Fix is your one stop shop. Order your tray online today as well as other essential wet room items and say goodbye to your tired old bathroom suite.

To purchase your wet room shower tray online visit Tile Fix Direct.

Keep A Dry Bathroom With Wet Room Shower Screens

How Wet Room Shower Screens Can Keep Your Bathroom Dry

Wet rooms are an increasingly popular bathroom design solution.  They are stylish with minimalistic designs and are perfect remedies for our cluttered lives.  In a fully waterproofed wet room a shower screen is an optional accessory; however, installing one will help keep water from escaping out of the showering area.

Having a shower screen will reduce the amount of water that splashes around the wet room and onto the other bathroom fixtures. Whilst a wet room is designed to get wet, having too much water on the floor or ending up with a wet towel is not pleasant.

Wet room shower screens also make the room even easier to clean by minimising any risk of mould developing if the ventilation is not perfect in your wet room.

Choosing A Wet Room Shower Screen

If you are looking to install a shower screen in your wet room, Tile Fix Direct offers a great range to choose from.  Our wet room shower screens are designed to prevent splash backs whilst maintaining the open, spacious feel of the room.

OrbryTM wet room shower screens are stylish and sturdy with a range of sizes to choose from.  Used in conjunction with an OrbryTM drain and shower tray, they ensure that drainage is easy and that the entire floor does not need to be sloped toward the shower drain.  Screens from OrbryTM are made from toughened 10mm safety glass (which ensures durability) and stand 2 metres tall.  Orbry screens can sit on top of the tiles or be recessed to sit within the tiles.  Additional products and optional upgrades are available, which will help you customise your shower area.

To find out more about our wet room shower screens and to purchase online, visit our website.

Convenient and Cost Effective Walk In Showers

If you are looking for a convenient and user-friendly shower, walk in showers are a great choice. Popular as a stylish alternative to the classic white plastic step in shower, these showers have a host of additional benefits.

Walk In Showers: For Convenience, Style And Value For Money

Walk in showers give a great modern look, can be tiled in complementary colours to the rest of the bathroom, increase the illusion of space and are easy to clean. Above all they offer convenience to users.

Using slip resistant mosaic tiles on walk in showers means the risk of slipping and injuring yourself on the bathroom suite is minimised.  This makes a walk in shower safer than step in showers and an ideal option for busy people, elderly and children. The minimalistic design and small number of fittings means cleaning these showers in quick and easy, again providing convenience for those with a busy lifestyle.

Looking For Something More?  Give Walk In Showers From Tile Fix A Try

We stock a great range of walk in shower components that are available in a host of different styles, giving you plenty of options to choose from.  They are highly flexible and will even fit easily in small bathrooms due to their clutter free designs. Use our handy shower kit quote builder to find out everything you need to purchase for your shower at a great price.

Visit our website to buy all of you wet room shower supplies online.


Welcome to the 21st century with electric underfloor heating

If you’re looking for that 21st century look and feel in your home then look no further as Tile Fix Direct stock electric underfloor heating systems just for you. Whether you are a home owner looking to install underfloor heating to a single room or working on a large development as a contractor, we can provide quality products backed up by the support you’d expect to ensure your project goes without a hitch. These systems can be used either as the main heating source for the whole house or incorporated into one or two rooms to enhance the heating capabilities of those cold rooms. No more large ugly radiators to worry about – with our heating systems the heat starts in the floor and rises to the ceiling so you get no cold spots or draft-ridden areas.

Choose for a wide range of electric underfloor heating systems

There are various different types of underfloor heating to choose from including foil, matting, or cable and all are suitable for DIY installation. There is no need for specialist tools and skills and they can be installed in a matter of hours. With systems manufactured by Magnum and Devi you can’t go wrong, whatever your requirements, Tile Fix Direct can help.

Tile Fix Direct are just a phone call away for all your underfloor heating needs

If you are interested in enquiring about electric underfloor heating systems for your home, call Tile Fix today to find out which underfloor heating system is best for your project on 0333 320 04 24 to speak to an adviser.

Be Energy Efficient With Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating functions by evenly dispersing heat at lower temperatures of around 35 degrees to an entire room, unlike radiators that heat up to much higher temperature of 65-70 degrees in order to heat a room of the same size.

Underfloor Heating Is Energy Efficient

Since underfloor heating systems operate at lower temperatures, the heat generated under this process is almost up to 15% more efficient than the heat given from traditional heating system.

In addition with radiators heating a room, there is a greater chance for heat loss when ventilations is found within the room. The warm air can easily escape, thus wasting the energy used to keep the room heated. However with underfloor heating keeping the immediate floor space warm, heat is retained better within the room and cannot be easily lost through cold spots with ventilation in the room.

Depending on the type of insulation you have at home and the usage frequency and temperature, underfloor heating can result in you saving an average 25-30% on energy bills compared to bills from traditional radiators.

In addition underfloor heating systems are less likely to require regular maintenance issues. They are installed with BS EN 1264 standards.

Tile Fix Wet Rooms Supplies – The Spark To Your Bathroom

What are wet rooms and why are they being included in almost every bathroom these days?

Wet rooms are watertight rooms that incorporate a universal design solution featuring a walk-in shower and drain fitted into the tiled floor. As the need for complete bathroom suites is eliminated, the space of the bathroom is magnified. Furthermore, underfloor heating systems are an ideal complementary feature for keeping the room dry and comfortably warm.

If you are looking to installing underfloor heating equipment or a wet room in your house, please contact Tile Fix Direct on 0333 320 04 24.

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