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June 2013

Great Range Of Tile Adhesive From Tile Fix Direct

Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesive is one of those products where the better it is, the less it will be noticed. It is hidden once the tiling is complete and the client generally isn’t going to be too picky about having a particular brand of tile adhesive. However, using the right tile adhesive is critical for ensuring the tiles are attached properly and remain so throughout their life. Such is life that using a good quality tile adhesive won’t earn the fixer any ‘brownie points’, but using a poor one would quickly result in a dissatisfied client.

Considerations When Buying Tile Adhesive

  • Normal v Rapidset – rapidset tile adhesive usually sets within 1-3 hours and grouting can be completed within the same day. Standard setting tile adhesives generally take 24 hours to set and during this time the tiles will not be securely fixed. Rapidset can allow you to finish the job more quickly, however may result in wastage if it sets before use; if in doubt the standard setting allows more time to work with the product. A good tip when using rapidset is to mix small batches at a time and to have your tiles pre-cut and placed near where they will be laid.
  • Non-Flexible v Flexible – this will depend on the surface you are planning to tile. Very solid concrete surfaces generally do not move and are suitable for non-flexible tile adhesive. However, surfaces where there is likely to be movement, such as floor boards, require a flexible tile adhesive. Each product will differ on the type of flexibility (e.g. single part, two part) and you should refer to the specific product for recommendations on which surfaces it is applicable for use on.
  • Powder v Pre-Mixed – pre-mixed tubs can be used on tiles up to 300 x 300mm and typically take 24 hours to dry. They can be useful for situations in which you are using small ceramic tiles or mosaics on a flat wall where grouting doesn’t need to be completed on the same day. Otherwise powdered tile adhesive is a cost-effective solution which isn’t restricted by the size of tile, generally has a quicker drying time, and is usable in a wider variety of settings than pre-mixed.

Leading Tile Adhesive Manufacturers

Bostik Tile Adhesive

With a history stretching as far back as 1889, Bostik has long been regarded as a quality adhesives manufacturer. Tile Fix stocks a great range of Bostik tile adhesive, including Bostik Vitri-Flex, Bostik Rapidset and Bostik Stoneflex.

Norcros Tile Adhesive

After originally selling their UK and Australian tile adhesive businesses to Ardex in 2001, Norcros re-entered the UK tile adhesive market in 2005 and produces a range of quality products. You can purchase Norcros tile adhesive from Tile Fix Direct, including: Norcros Rapid Adhesive, Norcros Thick Bed Adhesive and Norcros Flexible Adhesive.

BAL Tile Adhesive

BAL was founded in 1962 as a development centre for the UK ceramic tile industry and has served the UK market ever since. You can find an extensive range of BAL tile adhesive on Tile Fix Direct, including BAL White Star, BAL Single Part Flexible adhesive and BAL Rapidset Flexible. Many of our BAL tile adhesive can also be purchased by the pallet for the lowest possible prices – check the individual product for quantities and rates.

Ardex Tile Adhesive

With over 60 years of experience providing products to the wall and floor tiling industries, Ardex has developed a reputation for quality tile adhesives. The great range stocked by Tile Fix Direct includes Ardex X7, Ardex X77 and Ardex AF200 tile adhesive.

Buy Tile Adhesive Online

Whichever tile adhesive you require you can buy it online from Tile Fix Direct. We stock a great range of tile adhesive from Bostik, Norcros, BAL and Ardex at great online-only prices.

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Choosing Water Or Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Are you looking to install underfloor heating systems but are unsure as to which type will be suited to your home? We look at some of the differences between an electric and a water underfloor heating system. Both provide the same service but operate slightly differently and require different installation methods.

Electric Underfloor Heating Solutions

Underfloor heating systems in general can be installed below almost any type of flooring – whether it’s stone, tiling, or wooden floors. An ideal alternative to central heating, an electric underfloor heating system is made up of heating cables that run across an entire floor space and emit heat to every part of the room. In larger areas a heating mat is rolled out, with the heating cable pre-laid at the optimal spacing, or loose-fit cabling which can be meticulously placed in smaller more awkward spaces.

To have the heating installed correctly a professional electrician should connect your heating system to the electric supply, and also install a sensor that will then be connected to the thermostat for the regulation of the temperature in the room. The main advantage of an electric underfloor heating system is that the temperature of each room can be regulated individually, resulting in more energy efficient heating since heat does not have to be turned on where it is not needed.

Water Systems For Underfloor Heating

This kind of underfloor heating system is also suitable for various types of flooring, however it consists of a series of pipes connected to a boiler system. As a result the floor levels may need to be substantially elevated to accommodate the system – depending on the type of subfloor. This heating is slightly more expensive to install than electric, but you still receive the same long-term financial benefits.

Tile Fix Direct stocks a great range of electric underfloor heating systems from DEVI and Orbry so visit our website to buy now.

Clean Easy With Shower Screens

Shower Screens For Convenience, Functionality, Practicality And Style

Wet rooms are the latest trend in bathroom design and are becoming a popular choice because of their practicality and style.  A wet room is a waterproofed or tanked room that is usually equipped with a walk in shower area.  Though wet rooms are completely waterproof and do not require shower screens, installing a screen can act as an effective splash guard and prevent water from getting out of the showering area.  Screens also prevent bathroom fittings and fixtures from getting wet.

Since shower screens contain water within the showering area, they make water drainage easier without the need for having to slope the entire floor of the room toward the drain – just the shower tray.  Screens can also provide space for hanging items when used in combination with a double robe hook.  Shower screens can create a stylish look in any bathroom and effortlessly enhance its aesthetics.

Looking For Shower Screens That Will Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Wet Room?

Tile Fix can offer you the complete wet room solution with our range of shower screens from Orbry.  These screens are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 690mm to 1190mm wide, and will ensure that water is contained within the shower area.

Orbry shower screens are 2m high and feature 10 mm tempered safety glass, which is coated on one side with clearshield coating for added protection and ease of cleaning. The shower screens come with a telescopic wall bar as standard, as well as your choice of surface (sit on) wall and floor channels, or recess (sit in) wall and floor channels. Upgrades are available for an additional cost, for example you can choose a corner support bar or designer wall bar instead ofthe telescopic wall bar – depending on the shower screen configuration.

Additional products that can be purchased include aluminium joints, glass return panels and a double robe hook.  By using the different additional products available as well as using various upgrade options, you can customise the position of yourshower screento perfectly suited to your needs. For more ideas on creating your perfect shower, check out our shower screensadvice page.

To purchase wet room shower screens and accessories visit Tile Fix Direct.

Make The Most of a Small Space With a Wet Room

Wet Rooms Add A Touch Of Luxury

Wet rooms are increasingly popular in homes across the UK and provide a stylish yet practical bathing area. You may love the idea of a wet room but feel that you lack the space for something so opulent because you live in a tiny flat, are undergoing a loft conversion, or are just looking to install a small en suite. Well fear not as wet rooms can theoretically be created in spaces as small as cupboards simply by waterproofing the area and installing a wet room shower. This may not be the most glamourous wet room, but at Tile Fix Direct we sell wet room shower trays from 800mm x 800mm meaning that you can convert even the smallest of spaces into a wet room.

The luxury look of a wet room can be achieved in small spaces by using gorgeous tiles in your choice of colour with as many (or as few) fixtures and fittings as suit the space. Mosaics add a stylish feature and can be chosen in a similar or contrasting shade to the rest of the room. No matter what the size, it is essential that the room is properly tanked (waterproofed) to ensure there are no leakages, and it is usually best to get a professional to undertake this important step. It is also essential to have a route to send the shower waste pipe out of the room to allow for proper drainage of the water, so a plumber may need to install additional pipes to the desired room if they are not already in place. By utilising smart wet room design tricks you can maximise the potential of small and unusually shaped spaces and increase their usability.

Maximising the Appearance of Space in a Wet Room

A significant advantage of adding a wet room in a small space is its ability to dramatically increase the perceived size of the room. Here are three great tips for creating an illusion of more space in wet rooms:

  • Use Light Coloured Tiles – a common design trick, using light coloured tiles will create a larger, more airy appearance.
  • Have A Wall Hung Sink And Toilet – by freeing up the limited floor space this allows the eye to see a greater floor area and helps to increase the apparent size.
  • Add A Mirror – a well placed mirror will reflect light into the wet room and help make it appear larger.

Wet Room Drainage

Wet room advice often talks about the need to slope the shower floor area slightly to provide the right gradient so that the water is channelled toward the shower drain. However, this is not necessary with the wet room shower trays from Orbry and Marmox that you can buy on Tile Fix Direct. These wet room shower trays are pre-laid to falls, which means that they already have the appropriate gradient built into them so you don’t need to slope the shower area floor yourself. Non-slip mosaics are ideal for tiling these shower trays; however, if you want to use larger tiles of 100mm in diameter or more you will need to cut them on the natural fall lines of the shower tray to preserve the drainage and prevent lipping.

Ancillary Wet Room Products

When installing wet rooms there are various optional extras that you can include to add an extra touch of luxury and practicality. A shower screen is a completely optional addition, however in small spaces it is strongly recommended to include one in order to prevent water splashing onto the other fixtures and fittings (soggy towel anyone?). Frameless wet room shower screens are available in different sizes and they can be arranged in a variety of ways, creating a stylish and practical shower area to suit your wet room design.

Underfloor heating is another commonly included option in wet rooms and space is no barrier to installing underfloor heating as long as you are creating a wet room from the entire room. If you have a truly tiny space and choose to just waterproof the shower area then underfloor heating will not be suitable because it shouldn’t be installed under the wet room shower tray, just under the wet room floor. Electric underfloor heating mats are convenient, suitable to use in wet rooms and ideal to go under tiles. As well as helping keep your feet toasty, underfloor heating helps to evaporate any water on the floor more effectively, minimising any chance of slipping.

Inspired? Here’s How To Get Your Wet Room Products

Tile Fix Direct stocks all the components you’ll need to create high quality wet rooms at competitive online only prices. Just visit our website to purchase wet room shower trays and drains, shower screens, underfloor heating and waterproofing products.

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