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August 2013

6 Benefits Of A Walk In Shower

Walk in shower

Create a stylish walk in shower in your home.

Walk In Showers

A walk in shower forms the centrepiece of a wet room, and the level-access aspect of these showers is popular for both its style and practicality. We have compiled a list of six benefits of walk in showers – if you feel we’ve missed any out feel free to add your comments below.

1. Easy Access

A walk in shower sits flush with the floor, so there is no lip of a shower tray or awkward bath to step over. This makes a walk in shower ideal for the disabled, young kids and the elderly.

2. Safe

By tiling your walk in shower with non-slip mosaic tiles, it provides a safe showering environment and minimises the risk of slips and falls.

3. Flexible Design

A walk in shower can be easily tailored to suit the available space and the decor of the room. You can also opt to have a shower screen – or indeed multiple screens – which helps protect the fixtures and fittings from being splashed by water from the shower area.

4. Attractive

Walk in showers are fully tiled and can be coordinated to suit your preferred wet room decor. Alternatively, you can choose to have a splash of colour or contrasting tiles or mosaics in the shower to make a design feature.

5. Maximises Use Of Space

Walk in showers are ideal for maximising the use of small spaces. With walk in shower trays starting from 800mm x 800mm, you can create a walk in shower in the smallest of spaces. If you have a larger area available then a level-access shower can create a spacious and luxurious shower area.

6. Easy To Clean

A walk in shower is generally easier to clean than a traditional shower because the entire shower is waterproofed and tiled with clean, simple lines.

Buy A Walk In Shower Online

Tile Fix Direct sells walk in showers from wet room brands Orbry and Marmox. We also have a handy walk in shower kit quote builder – just enter some basic information about your shower area and the quote builder will provide you with a list of recommended products. You can then adjust the quantities if required and click to add all items to your basket.

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LTP Tile Cleaner

Save 15% on LTP products with Tile Fix Direct discount code LTP15278

You can save 15% off the price of LTP products with this week’s Tile Fix Direct discount code LTP15278. Make your tiles look like new with the great range of LTP cleaning products designed to protect as well as clean your tiles. The range includes LTP Grout Stain Remover (pictured), LTP Colour Intensifier and LTP Grout & Tile Protector, and other great products.

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NEW! Evening Delivery Slots Available

Wet room delivery

Create your dream wet room at any time of the day with our new 6pm-8pm and 8pm-10pm delivery slots.

Tile Fix Direct Is Trialling Two-Hour Evening Delivery Slots

We are excited to announce that we have introduced two-hour evening delivery slots on selected small packages up to 30kg. Tile Fix customers have told us that they would like to see a wider range of delivery options to ensure they can pick the one that is most convenient for them. As a result we are trialling evening delivery slots to provide a greater range of options.

Evening Delivery Slots – How Do They Work?

On selected items you will have the option to choose an evening delivery slot of 6pm-8pm or 8pm-10pm for a small fee. The price paid will depend on the item bought and not all items are eligible for evening deliveries.

Benefits Of Evening Delivery Slots

  • Choose a convenient time for your delivery after you have finished work, or when you don’t have to rearrange your day to wait for a delivery.
  • You get to choose the two-hour slot that suits you best, to ensure that the delivery is as convenient as possible.
  • Deliveries are still fully trackable and you can expect our usual high standard of customer care.

Why Is It Just A Trial?

We are introducing the two-hour evening delivery slots as a trial, with the full intention of making them a permanent feature if the uptake and feedback from customers is positive. You do not need to be alarmed that it is initially a trial; however, if you love the convenience of the evening slots please do let us know so that we can ensure that we continually meet the needs of our customers. You can call us on 0333 320 04 24 or contact us via our website.

Do You Still Offer Free Delivery?

Yes, our free daytime delivery to mainland UK for orders over £50 still applies! This delivery option is really popular with our customers and we have no plans to make changes to that. The new evening delivery slots are simply an addition to our current range of delivery options.

Buy Online From Tile Fix Direct

Just visit the Tile Fix Direct website to purchase your tiling, underfloor heating and wet room needs, and if the items are available for evening delivery then you will have the option to select this delivery method for your purchase.

5 Steps To Installing An Orbry Wet Room

Orbry Wet Room

Add an Orbry Wet Room to your home.

Whether you are a professional wet room installer or handy DIYer, we have provided a basic outline of the five key steps to installing an Orbry wet room in any size of room. Each step includes a link to relevant pdfs to provide you with more detailed information – we recommend you consult these guides before commencing installation. You can also find further information on our wet room installation advice page on the Tile Fix Direct website.

1. Preparation

Preparation is the key to installing your Orbry wet room efficiently and effectively. By having the area prepared and all your equipment ready, you will be able to focus on completing each task with the least amount of hassle, and end up with a quality product that will delight both you and your client.

Prior To Installation

  • Select the correct size of Orbry Shower Tray for your wet room – if necessary, shower trays can be trimmed slightly to fit (we recommend trimming the trays by no more than 50mm) or bespoke trays are available.
  • Make sure you also have the correct Orbry Drain, Orbry Shower Screen (if using), Orbry Tile Backer Boards, waterproofing components, and fixing ancillaries.
  • Ensure sufficient fall to allow water to exit shower quickly.
  • Check that no obstacles are in the way of drain or waste pipe.

2. Waterproof The Walls

Start by waterproofing the wet room walls. The method used will differ depending on whether the walls are solid or stud walls.

Stud Walls

Using the mechanical fixing method to fix the boards to stud walls, fix vertical studs at 600mm centres for 20mm or thicker Orbry Board, or 300mm centres for 12.5mm and 10mm thick boards.

Solid Walls – Brick/Block/Concrete

The method of fixing Orbry Boards to solid walls depends on the whether the walls are flat or uneven. The below options are available:

  • Dot and Dab Fixing – use on uneven walls. Drill the Orbry Board with a 10mm masonry drill at 600mm centres for 20mm boards or 300mm centres for 10mm/12.5mm boards. Apply dabs of suitable adhesive to the back of the boards, push to wall then allow to dry. Drill through the existing holes then insert an Orbry Fixing Dowel and hammer in.
  • Solid Bed Fixing – can be used if walls are flat and true. Spread suitable adhesive evenly onto the wall using a minimum 8mm notch tiler’s trowel then press board to wall, ensuring it is flat and level. Allow to dry then waterproof as per below.
  • Mechanical Fixing – can be used if walls are flat and true. Using a 10mm drill bit, drill through the board every 300m, then place Orbry Fixing Dowels in the holes and hammer until secure.

Waterproof The Joints

Once boards are secure, waterproof the joints with Orbry Self-Adhesive Waterproof Tape or with Orbry Waterproof Tape and Orbry Waterproof Corners combined with Orbry Waterproof Sealing Compound.

For more detailed information please see the Orbry Stud Wall Fixing Guide or the Orbry Solid Wall Fixing Guide.

3. Fix The Shower Tray & Drainage

Orbry wet room shower trays come in a variety of sizes and can be trimmed slightly if necessary (we recommend only trimming a maximum of 50mm off if necessary, bespoke sizes are also available). For detailed instructions on installing the walk in shower tray, please see the instructional video below, or the Orbry Wet Room Installation Guide.

A shower screen is an optional item, however it helps to prevent water splashing out of the shower area and is a popular addition to an Orbry wet room. For detailed information on how to install a shower screen and the configurations possible, please see the Orbry Shower Screen Installation Guide and the Orbry Shower Screen Brochure.

4. Waterproofing The Floor

You can opt to include underfloor heating in your Orbry wet room, in which case we recommend waterproofing with Permalayerâ„¢ and the Orbry Waterproofing System. If you are not including underfloor heating, then we recommend using Orbry Boards with Orbry Waterproof Tape and Orbry Waterproof Sealing Compound to seal the joints.

The following guides provide more detailed information for this stage: the Orbry Underfloor Heating Installation Guide, the Orbry Floor Fixing Guide and the Orbry Waterproofing Guide.

5. Finishing The Wet Room

The wet room should now be fully waterproof and ready for tiling. We recommend using slip resistant mosaics of 25mm or larger on the shower floor for safety purposes. For full instructions on finishing the wet room please read the Orbry Wet Room Installation Guide.

Orbry offers a lifetime guarantee on complete Orbry wet room systems. To be eligible for the guarantee you must use all Orbry products, where available, and register for the guarantee within 60 days of purchase. For further clarification please contact Orbry directly on 0845 208 0221.

Buy Orbry Wet Room Products Online

Tile Fix Direct is an authorised Orbry stockist and we sell the complete range of Orbry wet room products and electric underfloor heating mats. Please visit our website to check out our range and buy Orbry wet room products at the best prices on the web.

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With the Marmox tileable bath panel kit you can ensure that your bath ties in effortlessly with the rest of your wet room decor. The waterproof board provides the perfect backing for tiles, and the kit comes with a side panel, end panel, self-adhesive waterproof tape and acrylic sealant. This week only you can save 20% off the price of the Marmox tileable bath panel kit with Tile Fix Direct discount code MXB20198.

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