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September 2013

Walk-In Shower Trays For Wet Rooms

Walk-In Shower Trays

Walk-In Shower Tray

If you are looking to install a fully tiled and waterproofed wet room then a walk-in shower tray will enable you to create a level-access wet room shower. Wet rooms are a popular addition as a second bathroom and provide a bathing area that is both stylish and practical. Wet rooms can maximise the use of small spaces, offer flexibility in design and layout, and are easy to clean.

A walk-in shower tray is an integral part of creating a level-access shower and when tiled with non-slip mosaics has the added benefit of making the showering experience safer. Walk-in showers are especially beneficial for elderly and disabled persons as there is nothing to step over and potentially trip on. The shower floor sits flush with the rest of the wet room floor and allows for easy access.

Another advantage of having the floor level and the walk-in shower tray hidden, is the ability to tile the entire floor. You can opt to have complementary or contrasting tiles on the shower floor depending on your design preference. Non-slip mosaics are an ideal option for the walk-in shower floor as they follow the falls of the shower tray better than larger tiles and create a stylish yet safe shower enclosure.

Orbry Walk-In Shower Tray

Orbry walk-in shower trays come in a range of sizes from 800x800mm to 1850x900mm and are designed to be used with compatible Orbry drains. When tiling the shower tray, Orbry recommends using a minimum of 25mm non-slip mosaics to minimise the risk of the tiles breaking under point pressure. Orbry boards can be trimmed slightly (no more than a total maximum of 50mm – for more details please email info@orbry.com) and bespoke trays are also available to order.

Marmox Showerlay Walk-In Shower Tray

Marmox walk-in shower trays are specifically designed to be used with Dallmer drains. The trays are available in 800x800mm to 1850x900mm sizes and are suitable for tiling with non-slip mosaics that are a minimum of 50mm. Visit the Tile Fix Direct website to see the full range of Marmox showerlay trays.

Buy Walk-In Shower Trays Online

Tile Fix Direct sells Marmox Showerlay trays and Orbry walk-in shower trays for wet rooms at competitive online-only prices. With various sizes of shower trays available, you can also choose what type of drain you’d like and where it should be positioned. To purchase your desired walk-in shower tray and get free daytime delivery to mainland UK on orders over £50, please visit our website.

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Underfloor Heating Systems: A Smart Idea

If you are in search of a heating system that is practical and cost effective, then underfloor heating might be the right choice for you. Not only will it bring warmth and comfort to your home, it may improve the value of your house and reduce your energy bills.

Why Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is versatile. You can install it in the whole house, from wet rooms and bathrooms to basements and attics. It has a number of advantages, including:

Could save you money. Your heating bill may decrease after installing heated floor as you can easily turn it on or off. For example if you leave for holiday, or spend all day at work, you can easily switch it off or adjust the temperature.

Good for your health. Compared to various other heating systems, for example heat pumps, underfloor heating is suitable for people with allergies, as it doesn’t create air movement in the room, thus decreasing the amount of dust.

Doesn’t require additional maintenance. Other heating systems may require cleaning or maintenance every now an then, whereas with heated flooring all you need to do is wipe the floor.

Safe. Underfloor heating is safe for your house and for your family.

Underfloor Heating – A Smart Idea

Now that you know underfloor heating is a smart choice when it comes to heating your house, why not visit the Tile Fix website and see the quality underfloor heating we have to offer. Our products are manufactured by top quality brands, ensuring that we offer only the best for your home. Our website can even help choose the suitable heating system for you. Just fill in the information with measurements and floor finish and we will suggest the most suitable products for you.

For more information Telephone: 0333 320 04 24 or visit www.tilefixdirect.com

Can You Build A Wet Room On The First Floor?

A wet room, put simply, is a waterproof room equipped with a shower. The room itself is essentially a shower enclosure which can be built in the style of your choice and has the ability to completely transform a regular bathroom. Wet rooms are admired by consumers for their practicality and convenience and are fast becoming a popular alternative to a regular bathroom. A common query that people have when it comes to building a wet room is whether or not it can be built on the first floor.

Installing A Wet Room On A First Floor

The truth is you can design and install a wet room on the first floor, second floor or any other floor. You can also install a wet room on wooden floors as well as on concrete. As long as the waterproofing and installation is carried out correctly you shouldn’t get leaks and can enjoy an amazing shower experience.

There are a number of considerations that you should make before installing a wet room on the first floor.

• Depending on your floor surface, you may need to excavate the shower area slightly or remove floorboards before installing the wet room shower tray and drain.

• The rest of the floor may need to be raised slightly to sit flush with the top of the shower tray – this can be achieved with Orbry tile backer boards or, if you are installing underfloor heating matting, with the Orbry Waterproofing System and Permalayer.

Wet Room From Tile Fix

If you are thinking of installing a wet room use Tile Fix Direct. We can provide everything you need, from waterproof tile backer boards to pre-formed waterproof shower trays. With our expertise and experience we can help transform your bathroom into a spacious and stylish sanctuary.

For more information please call 0333 320 04 24 or visit www.tilefixdirect.com

Fully Functional Underfloor Heating Systems At Tile Fix

Do you want to keep your house warm and potentially save on energy bills? Then installing an electric underfloor heating system might be the ideal solution for you. Tile Fix sells high quality underfloor heating systems that are perfect if you are looking to create a more cosy and cost effective living space.

Choosing The Right Underfloor Heating

If you have a concrete or timber sub-floor then underfloor heating makes a great heating option. The electric underfloor heating mats sold on Tile Fix Direct come in different wattages which are designed for different types of flooring so you can choose the best one for every room in your home.

Underfloor heating also makes a convenient choice of heating as you can program the thermostat so that the heating is only on for certain periods of the day. Alternatively, if you’re out of your house for a long period of time, you can simply switch it off when you leave and turn it back on when you return. If you think you would like underfloor heating in your home but are still slightly unsure, you could install it in just one room and see how you like it.

Underfloor Heating Systems At Tile Fix

The Tile Fix website will answer any questions you might have regarding underfloor heating systems. We have an underfloor heating advice page which provides helpful information about installing the product. If you would like further information please feel free to call us on 0333 320 04 24. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and your needs are our priority.

The Tile Fix Direct website can even help you to choose the most suitable heating system for your specific project with our underfloor heating selector. This will provide you with a simple form to input information into, such as room size and floor finish, then the selector will advise on the most suitable heating system for you.

To purchase electric underfloor heating mats for your project, please visit www.tilefixdirect.com

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