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December 2013

Shower In Style With A Walk In Shower From Tile Fix Direct

Are you looking for a showering solution that is easily accessible for children, the elderly, and people with limited mobility? Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? You should consider installing a walk in shower from Tile Fix Direct.

Accessible Solutions With Walk In Showers

Walk in showers are minimalistic, sleek and an accessible alternative to an ordinary shower. An integral part of a stylish bathroom, a walk in shower provides more benefits than just accessibility.

At Tile Fix Direct we can provide you with bespokewalk in shower trays that can be created to suit the dimensions you require. A walk in shower can be installed in small bathroom spaces, providing an ideal solution for bathrooms that cannot fit a bathtub.

Compared to traditional showers, walk-in showers are much easier to clean and maintain. The bigger, open space allows you to clean more easily. This innovative shower solution is also synonymous with luxurious spas and can help to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Get everything you need for your new shower at Tile Fix Direct. We stock walk in shower trays, shower screens, drains, and much more from high-quality brands such as Orbry and Marmox.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With A Walk In Shower From Tile Fix Direct

Walk in showers are elegant and contemporary, adding style and value to your bathroom. If you’re looking for a more traditional design, you will find the right design solutions are available at Tile Fix Direct. We provide everything that you need to create a high-quality bathroom that not only looks attractive but also adds value to your home.

Even if you don’t have the space for a full wet room, you can install a luxury and modern walk in shower with the space you have available. At Tile Fix Direct we can provide you with a list of essential components to complete your shower kit as soon as you fill out a simple form. This will help you to obtain everything that you need in one go.

If you want to find out more about walk in showers from Tilefix Direct, contact us on: 0333 320 04 24 or visit us at:www.tilefixdirect.com

Keep Every Room In Your House Warm With DEVIlink



Electric underfloor heating is an increasingly popular heating option that can be used in conjunction with – or instead of – central heating. DEVIlink is new to Tile Fix Direct and allows you to control the heat from electric underfloor heating in multiple rooms in the house from one central thermostat. In this blog post we take a closer look at the DEVIlink heating system.

What Is The DEVIlink System?

The new DEVIlink centralised electric underfloor heating control system is a revolutionary thermostat that wirelessly connects to the underfloor heating in each room and allows you to control the temperature in all connected rooms from one central location. The central controller can also connect to and control other electrical devices, such as heated towel rails.

This ensures that everyone can have their bedroom at their preferred temperature, and that you can program settings such as ‘weekday’, ‘weekend’ and ‘holiday’ mode to maximise efficiency and not waste heat. It means that you do not have to have a thermostat in each room and individually adjust them to suit people’s different heating requirements. However, you also have the option to include additional thermostats in specific rooms that can override the central controller, if you would like to still have the ability to manually adjust the heat in certain rooms.

The most advanced control system for underfloor heating in the UK, the DEVIlink solution consists of three wireless devices. The mandatory DEVIlink CC is the central controller that features a colour touch screen and wirelessly communicates with all other DEVIlink units in the building. The DEVIlink FT is the floor thermostat that is required in each room to be controlled, and it switches the DEVIlink on and off. Finally, the DEVIlink RS is an optional room sensor that can be included in rooms where you would like the option to manually override the DEVIlink central controller.

Benefits of DEVIlink

  • Control the heat in multiple rooms in your home and over both floors from one central location.
  • Can have different modes such as weekday/weekend/holiday.
  • Wirelessly controls DEVI electric underfloor heating.
  • Easy to use, colour touch screen display.
  • Accurate heating – a reading of 21.5 degrees genuinely means the air temperature is 21.5 degrees.
  • Can also control other electrical appliances such as heated towels rails and mirror demisters.
  • Less installation time due to quick wireless set-up.

Buy DEVIlink Online

Check out the DEVIlink demo on Tile Fix Direct and get a feel for how this heating control system could work in your home. Then simply use our handy DEVIlink selector where you enter in information about the rooms you wish to heat, and it will come up with the list of recommended products to buy. Simply add them to your basket, or adjust quantities as required, and purchase online at a great price from Tile Fix Direct.

Please Note: Certain considerations need to be made before installing so please contact DEVI for advice if any of the following apply to your situation: residential or commercial properties above 150m²; properties with more than 2 floors; properties with reinforced concrete or steel walls and ceilings. Contact DEVI by emailing enquiries@devi.co.uk or call 0845 434 9990 option 2.

Find The Perfect Marmox Solution For Your Home

Marmox products provide effective solutions for waterproofing and heat insulation for virtually anywhere in the home.

There are many benefits of using Marmox products, which include excellent waterproofing properties, reduced costs of heating and heat insulating features. These benefits are highly beneficial when you are building or remodelling your home.

Make Home Renovations Easy With Marmox

Renovating your bathroom can be a stressful task and the last thing you want is to finish it and then discover the room leaks or the tiles are uneven. To prevent these factors, we highly recommend using Marmox Board, which is used extensively as waterproof tile backer board for walls and floors. In conjunction with waterproof taping covering the joins between the boards, this will provide a flat, even, watertight layer to tile on, which will help you gain a high quality finished result.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable waterproofing material that contains suitable insulation and dry lining materials, choose Marmox Multiboard. Used as an insulating material, the Multiboard can help you to save money as it acts as an extremely efficient insulation barrier. When used below electric underfloor heating, it reflects the heat upwards into the room, instead of warming the subfloor below. The thicker the backer board, the greater the insulating properties.

Use Marmox Products For Your Bathroom And Multiple Applications

The Multiboard by Marmox is a highly effective waterproofing material used in wetrooms and walk-in shower areas. Being extremely versatile, it offers a durable barrier against dampness and moisture. The high performance boards are made from extruded polystyrene, with each side coated witha fibreglass mesh, which is then embedded into a cement polymer mortar.

Are you looking to insulate and waterproof your bathroom or wet room in one simple process? Marmox Boards are the way forward. Available in different thicknesses that range from 4-50mm, the Marmox Multiboard is ideal for your home.

Renovate Your Home With Marmox, From Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix Direct isa leading supplier of high-quality tiling, wetroom, and underfloor heating components. Here at Tile Fix Direct, we offer impartial advice to help you fulfil your ideas and designs. Get your home ready for high-quality renovations with Tile Fix Direct.

For more information on the range of Marmox products at Tile Fix Direct, please call us on: 0333 320 04 24 or visit our website at: www.tilefixdirect.com

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