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January 2014

Why Electronic UnderfloorHeating Is Right For Your Home

Whilst there are many heating systems available, electronic underfloor heating is increasingly popular. Would you like to save money on your electricity bill? Underfloor heating may help you to do exactly that. Tile Fix Direct explains why electronic underfloor heating could be an ideal solution for your home.

The Benefits Of Electronic Underfloor Heating

Electronic underfloor heating is one of the most versatile heating solutions for your home. It can be installed in virtually every room, whether it is a wet room, loft or basement. Underfloor heating provides a consistent heat and can ‘smooth out’ the fluctuations in room temperature.

When you have electronic underfloor heating installed you can:

  •  Save money.Underfloor heating is a great long term solution for decreasing your electricity bill, as heat-up times are significantly reduced. This means you will not need to have your heating constantly running at full power.
  •  Stay healthy. Electronic underfloor heating is ideal for people with allergies as it helps to control moisture and keep a healthy level of humidity in the room.

If you are looking for a versatile heating system with numerous added benefits, electronic underfloor heating is the right solution for your home.

Quality Electronic Underfloor Heating From Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix Direct can offer you their expertise and advice on the best underfloor heating solution for your wetroom, or other rooms. On our website, you will find an FAQ section where you can find many answers.If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

On our website you can select the most suitable heating system for your project. Here, you will find a form to fill in with information about your project, such as the room size and floor finish, and we will then provide the most suitable heating system for you.

We not only provide quality products, but pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service – your needs are our priority. All of our products can be delivered within 1 to 2 working days from our warehouse in Hampshire.

Do you want to learn more about electronic underfloor heating? For more information please call: 0333 320 04 24

How To Know If Your Tiles Need Sealing


Why Should You Seal Tiles?

When laying new tiles and grout, it is important to take into account whether you need to seal them and what product is best to use. Sealing tiles and grout reduces the porosity of the materials and protects the tiled surface, increasing its resistance to dirt, spills, staining and general wear. Sealing tiles and grout means they will last longer, look better and be easier to keep clean. Grout is naturally porous and will stain easily; as a result, all grout needs to be sealed once it has had time to properly cure. However, not all tiles need to be sealed – see below for information on what types of tiles need to be sealed.

What Types Of Tiles Require Sealing

  • All natural stone tiles require sealing in order to protect them.
  • Terracotta and quarry stone require sealing after grouting.
  • We recommend sealing polished porcelain tiles prior to grouting as well as after.

If porcelain states that it has a ‘nano seal’ then these will generally not require sealing at installation. However, if you wish to ensure that the tiles and grout fully repel water and oil and also help them look clean for longer, then they can have a coat of sealant applied after grouting. It is not necessary to seal any glazed tiles or good quality un-polished porcelain tiles; however, once again we recommend the use of a grout protector if you want to protect the grout to keep it looking its best and to make ongoing maintenance easier.

If you are unsure whether your tiles need to be sealed or not, please speak to your tile retailer for further information.

Basic Steps To Sealing Tiles

You can find more detailed information about sealing terracotta, slate, limestone and sandstone on the Tile Fix Direct tile sealing advice page.

  1. Clean the entire tiled area prior to sealing.
  2. Apply the first coat of the sealant (if required).
  3. Grout the tiles and leave to cure properly (check the manufacturer’s advice for how long to leave the grout for).
  4. Apply the final coat of sealant ensuring it is spread evenly – leave to dry.

The type of tile sealant that you will need will vary depending on the material that is being sealed. The amount needed will also differ depending on the type of surface being sealed as well as the size of the surface, as some tiles have a higher absorbency rate than others.

Please Note: it is very important that you use the correct type of tile sealant for the type of tile being laid as the wrong sealer could damage the tile irrevocably. If in doubt, please feel free to contact us on 0333 320 04 24 for advice. To purchase products to help you seal tiles, please visit our website.

Brand Focus – Orbry



Founded in 2011, Orbry makes all the components needed to fully waterproof a wet room. The waterproofing layer is vital to a successful wet room, and Orbry creates products such as waterproof tile backer boards and waterproofing compound that will enable to you successfully tank (waterproof) the entire room. The entire range of Orbry products is available on Tile Fix, and in this blog post we take a closer look at this complete wet room solution provider.

Orbry In Focus

  • UK based company established in 2011.
  • Products undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet relevant standards.
  • Orbry is passionate about highlighting that wet rooms are more than just attractive tiles, and that a solid, waterproof foundation below the tiles is vital.
  • The exclusive Orbry Lifetime Guarantee is available for complete Orbry wet room systems (registration for warranty required).

Orbry Products On Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix Direct stocks the entire range of Orbry products at fantastic prices. We offer free weekday delivery for orders over £50 to the UK mainland.

Orbry Boards

Orbry boards are waterproof tile backer and insulation boards that provide the ideal surface to tile on. Multifunctional, you can use Orbry boards for dry lining buildings, waterproofing wet rooms and providing insulation to a conservatory floor. Easy to cut and manoeuvre by one person, Orbry boards come in a variety of thicknesses and are available as standard boards (1220 x 600mm) or long boards (2440 x 600mm).

Orbry Underfloor Heating

Orbry 150W self-adhesive electric underfloor heating mats are ideal for use under tiles and in wet areas. Great for adding warmth to your tiled floors in kitchens and bathrooms, Orbry electric underfloor heating mats are easy to install and are ultra thin, so won’t noticeably raise the height of the floor.

Orbry Shower Trays, Drains & Screens

You can create the perfect walk in shower with Orbry frameless shower screens, wet room shower trays and wet room drains. Hidden below non-slip tiles, the wet room shower tray is an important component in creating a level access shower floor, and is gently sloped to allow the water to drain away effectively. Orbry drains are compatible with the shower trays and come in several attractive options. The final aspect of a stylish walk in shower is the frameless shower screen, which helps define the shower area and contain the water.

Orbry Waterproofing Products

To create a full tanked wet room, Orbry has an array of waterproofing products such as self-adhesive waterproof tape, waterproofing system and sealing compound.

Preparing Wet Room Flooring

Underfloor Heating

When installing a wet room, proper preparation and installation of the wet room flooring is crucial to the success of the overall project. In this blog post we take a look at some of the things to consider with wet room flooring.

What To Consider With Wet Room Flooring

Prior to installing the flooring, fix tile backer boards to the walls to ensure a smooth, waterproof area to tile on. Then move on to the floor and ensure the wet room flooring is fully waterproof, before returning to the walls to tape the joints between the wall boards as well as taping the joints between the wall boards and skirting and corners.

The components of wet room flooring include the hidden waterproof layer on top of the subfloor, as well as the tiles and grouting that is visible in the finished room. Things to consider include:

  • What is the construction of the substrate.
  • Will electric underfloor heating be included.
  • The wet room shower tray needs to sit level with floor, so part of the substrate will need to be removed to accommodate this.
  • What waterproofing method you will use.
  • Waterproof the floor before finishing off waterproofing the walls.
  • What tiles will be used to complete the look of the wet room flooring.

Wet Room Flooring – Shower Tray Considerations

  • When installing a shower tray onto a timber subfloor, you will need to remove the floorboards in the shower tray area, place plywood to fill the gaps and install the shower tray into this area.
  • Solid screed subfloors will require some of the screed to be excavated – generally to a depth of at least 30mm.
  • You can usually trim trays slightly to fit the available space, however it is best to buy the closest size possible and to check with your manufacturer’s recommendations about trimming boards.
  • Non-slip mosaic tiles are the ideal material to use on the floor of the shower tray and provide an attractive finish.

For full details of how to install a wet room shower tray please view the below video and installation guides:

Orbry Floor Fixing Guide

Orbry Waterproofing Guide

Orbry Wet Room Installation Guide

Wet Room Flooring – Electric Underfloor Heating

If using electric underfloor heating mats then we recommend using the Orbry waterproofing system with Norcros Permalayer to waterproof the floor so that the floor is not raised too high. If you were to use tile backer boards with the underfloor heating, the floor level would be raised noticeably. Do not install underfloor heating on/under the shower tray or where bathroom fixtures such as a sink and toilet will be positioned.

For more information please read the Orbry Underfloor Heating Installation Guide.

Buy Wet Room Flooring Products Online

At Tile Fix Direct we have a huge range of products for your wet room flooring, including waterproofing, underfloor heating, tile backer boards, tiles, grout, self-levelling compound and more. With free weekday delivery to the UK mainland on orders over £50 and telephone assistance available, Tile Fix Direct is your best bet for wet room products.

New Year, New Wet Room


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Tile Fix Direct! If the festive season has highlighted that you need a bathroom redesign or a second shower room, then take a look at our great range of products designed to install a fully watertight wet room. We stock everything from tile backer boards, electric underfloor heating and shower screens to grout, adhesive and self levelling compound.

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