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February 2014

Find The Right DEVImat Underfloor Heating For You

Find the right DEVImat heating for you | tilefixdirect.com/blog

DEVImat Electric Underfloor Heating

If you are looking to add the warmth and practicality of electric underfloor heating to your home, then look no further than DEVImat from DEVI. With over forty years of experience with electrical heating cables, DEVI is an internationally renowned brand that backs up its underfloor heating range with market leading warranties. In this blog post we take a look at the range of DEVImat underfloor heating – which is designed for use under tiles – in order to help you figure out which underfloor heating is right for you.

A DEVImat For Every Floor Substrate

The type of DEVImat self-adhesive heating mat that is recommended for use depends on what material the substrate of the floor is comprised of. For timber subfloors, DTIR-100 is the appropriate heating mat and will provide an even warmth throughout the room. The DTIR-150 mats are recommended for use with concrete subfloors, and will add a touch of affordable luxury. As all of the DEVImat heating mats are slimline, self-adhesive and have the cables pre-attached to the mat, the entire range is easy to install and will not noticeably raise the height of the floor. DEVI also offers a twenty-year warranty on all of its DEVImat range, providing peace of mind.

Underfloor Heating

A DEVImat For All Your Tiled Areas

Heating For Conservatories & Hallways

The DEVImat DTIF-200 is specifically designed to be used in areas of high heat loss and is the ideal underfloor heating mat to use in your conservatory and entrance hallways. The DTIF-200 heating mats will help combat the impact of drafts and general heat loss through conservatory windows, and help create a cosy environment.

  • DTIF-200 is the most powerful DEVImat heating mat and is specifically designed for high heat loss areas that require a higher performing underfloor heating mat.
  • Easy to install and low maintenance.
  • Twenty-year no quibbles warranty.

Create Cosy Kitchens & Bathrooms

  • All DEVImat heating mats are suited for use in wet areas, such as bathrooms, wet rooms, utility rooms and kitchens.
  • Electric underfloor heating will help evaporate any water spilled onto the floor.
  • Using suitable insulation underneath the heating system optimises performance by reducing heat lost downwards and improves the efficiency of the system.

DEVImat For Small Spaces

If you have small or awkward areas in a room then you can still add underfloor heating, as the DEVIflex DTIR-10 loose-lay cable is perfect for such applications. By having the heating cable loose, rather than attached to a mat, you have greater control over the size of space you fit it in, and also the amount of heat output per square metre.

Thermostats For Optimum Control

DEVI also offers a range of thermostats to control your heating with, including the touchscreen DEVIreg Touch, the manually operated DEVIreg 535, and the innovative DEVIlink heating control system. If you would like to control the temperature in multiple rooms of your home at once – and have different temperatures in each room – then the DEVIlink system is highly recommended. All DEVI thermostats come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

You can buy all of these DEVImat products from the Tile Fix Direct website, where you can also find more underfloor heating advice to help you create a warm, cosy home environment.


4 Things To Consider When Building A Wet Room

The idea of a wet room is becoming more and more attractive to homeowners, though it might seem like a bit of hassle to have it fitted and installed. It is not as difficult as it may seem, especially if you install it using the high quality branded materials from Tile Fix Direct. Here, we look into four important aspects to consider when having wet rooms installed in the home.

What Should You Consider Before Installing Wet Rooms?

An alternative to a regular bathroom, a wet room is great for people who are looking for a showering area that is easily accessible. Before you make a decision, consider the following features.

  •  It’s all about the look. Utilise the space in your bathroom and make use of any wall cavities. In order to create the illusion of an even bigger space, choose a wall-hung toilet pan and a wall-hung sink,rather than a pedestal one.
  •  Keep things simple.Using the same tile for the floors and walls makes the space appear bigger.
  •  Your shower is the main feature of your wet room, so invest in an overhead shower head, or a shower head with different modes. You can also have a partial shower screen installed to avoid water getting everywhere.
  •  Utilise ambient lighting and have some other add-ons installed. A great addition would be a heated ladder towel rail,orunderfloor heating for the ultimate showering experience.

An important factor to consider in any wet room is proper waterproofing, which will help you avoid any leaks. You can find a wide range of quality waterproofing products at Tile Fix Direct, where we provide you with all of the essentials for wet rooms at competitive prices!

High Quality Wet Room Components At Tile Fix Direct

If you want to update your bathroom, a wet room is a great alternative as it can add value to your property, especially when added as a second bathroom. The stylish minimalist design appeals to a broad audience, with its easy maintenance and attractive yet simple look.

Design your own sanctuary where you can unwind. Create your dream wet room easily with parts from Tile Fix Direct, your main source of everything related to wetrooms. Here you will find quality tiles, wet room screens, wet room drains, materials for waterproofing, tile adhesive, silicone sealants, walk in shower trays, and everything in between. We also provide the materials needed for underfloor heating – a great addition to your wet room.

The reputable brands that we sell include Orbry, Marmox, Schlüter and many more. We stock everything that you need for a waterproofed wet room, so take a look at what Tile Fix Direct has on offer today!

For more details on wetrooms and the materials for them please call 0333 320 0424 or send us a message here.

NEW! Orbry TrayFast

Orbry TrayFast Fixing

Easily fix walk-in shower trays to engineered joists with new Orbry TrayFast joist hangers. Specially designed with modern, engineered joists in mind, Orbry TrayFast joist hangers also work with standard joists. Helping to create a solid floor, level with the top of the joists, using Orbry TrayFast hangers eliminates the need to fix supporting battens to the joists.

Benefits Of Orbry TrayFast Joist Hangers

Orbry TrayFast

  • Fix in half the time it takes to install battens.
  • TrayFast works with standard and engineered joists, unlike battens.
  • Fully galvanised for wet areas.
  • Supports very heavy loads.
  • Great value for money.

How To Install Orbry TrayFast Joist Hangers

  1. Mark the position of the shower tray by placing it on the floor and drawing around it.
  2. Locate the nearest joists outside the marked area. Usually these will be denoted by where the floor boards are screwed down. Mark the line of the joist and remove the screws as necessary.
  3. Using a circular saw, set to the depth of the floorboards cut along the marked lines. Remove any screws within the marked area and remove the floorboards.
  4. Position the shower tray to check the fit and remove.
  5. Position the Orbry TrayFast joist hangers equidistant along the joists (gaps of up to 70mm between each TrayFast are acceptable) and fix each with four (4 x 40 mm) passivated screws.
  6. Cut 18mm exterior quality ply to fit between the joist hangers and loose lay on the hangers.
  7. Mark the positions of any drains and position as per manufacturers’ recommendations.
  8. Fix plywood in position with Gripfill adhesive and fix shower tray to manufacturers’ recommendations.

Orbry TrayFast Fixing Method

Buy Orbry TrayFast Online

At Tile Fix Direct we are proud to stock the latest addition to the Orbry wet room range, Orbry TrayFast. Until the end of April 2014 we are offering selling Orbry TrayFast joist hangers at a 20% discount, costing just £1.95 + VAT.

The Benefits Of Wet Room Shower Screens

If you are considering a wet room, a useful addition can be a quality wet room shower screen from Tile Fix Direct. The shower screen protects the room from excess splashes and is easy to maintain.

Why Should You Have Wet Room Shower Screens Installed?

In order to enjoy the many advantages of a wet room, a wet room shower screen is highly recommended. Even though this type of addition is optional in a room which has been fully waterproofed, shower screens are popular because of the many advantages they offer. So what are these advantages?

  •  Prevent water splashes. Your shower screen will prevent excess water spilling everywhere. This is very important in smaller wet rooms, because the last thing you want is to end up with wet toilet paper and soggy towels. What’s more, if only the showering area has been fully waterproofed, a shower screen becomes a must for leak prevention. In a fully waterproofed wet room leaks should not be an issue, but a shower screen can prevent water puddles forming and minimise the risk of slipping.
  •  Added screen for a shower enclosure. If a completely open shower does not sound like an attractive option for you, opt for a screen that allows you to enjoy a showering experience in an enclosed area. Additionally, shower enclosures may appear more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home.
  •  Additional storage. With the wet room shower screen you also have the ability to add more storage. Consider hook clips over the top of the shower screen for your towels or hanging racks to store your shower products.
  •  No visual barrier. As wet room shower screens are generally minimalist, clear and frameless, the ability to view the whole room will add to the illusion of a bigger space. Adding style to the walk in shower, the enclosure provides you with an effective physical barrier to avoid water spillage.
  •  Simple maintenance. Shower screens are also beneficial in the way that they are easily maintained. Due to the frameless design you will not need to worry about dirt accumulating in nooks. Regular cleaning will help you maintain an attractive appearance.
  • These are some of the benefits that the shower screens offer you. Tile Fix Direct sources high quality Orbry shower screens that will be compatible with most wet room dimensions.

Tile Fix Direct Sources Branded Wet Rooms Shower Components

Here at Tile Fix Direct you will find a full range of products that are useful in any wet room. Choose from Orbry wet room shower screens to create the perfect wetroom. You will also find basic shower screen kits with a number of extra items and upgrades which can be added to your kit.

Tile Fix Direct supplies you with a number of essentials that are needed in a functional wet room. Wet room shower trays, drainage systems, backing boards, underfloor heating and many other top quality products are available at great prices with Tile Fix Direct.

For more information on wet room shower screens at Tile Fix Direct please call 0333 320 04 24 or fill out a contact form here.

Why Walk In Showers Are The Safest Option For Your Home

Walk in showers are a stylish and luxurious addition to your bathroom or wet room, and provide many benefits with regards to your comfort and safety. If you’re considering installing a walk in shower, take a look at some of the advantages that makes them a great showering solution.

The Many Benefits Of Walk In Showers

Are you tired of climbing over awkward shower trays? Would you like to have easy access to your shower? If you dream of fuss free showering, then a walk in shower may be the right choice for you. Walk in showers are made to take the risk out of showering and are among the safest options on the market when used with slip resistant floor tiles.

Below are five reasons you should consider installing a walk in shower:

  •  Flexibility. Many people have mobility issues and therefore have different showering needs; showers with high shower trays might not always suit these. With walk in showers, however, you have the flexibility to select custom solutions according to your exact requirements. Whether you are looking for a full wet room or a walk-in shower tray, at Tile Fix Direct you are sure to find just what you are looking for.
  •  Durability. Walk in showers are made from durable and long lasting materials. You can be sure that they are made to withstand constant water contact for years as well asbe resistant to general wear and tear. Once your walk in shower is installed, by using quality materials it will look good for many years to come, making it a great investment.
  •  Easy maintenance. Traditional showers might be difficult to clean as they have many hard to reach areas; when it comes to walk in showers you will find them extremely easy to clean. Walk in showers usually offer larger open space and because of the great materials used, are often much easier to keep clean.
  •  More space. Baths and other types of showers do take up a lot of space and can make your bathroom look smaller. Functional walk in showersare not only a luxurious addition to your bathroom but, because of their considered design, will make the space appear larger.
  •  Saves you money.A traditional bath, when filled, will consume about 150 litres of hot water. Walk in showers, on the other hand, will only use an average of 80 litres of hot water, which over time will save you a considerable amount of money on bills. In short, a walk in shower is a great eco-friendly option that will also save you money.

Contemporary Bathroom With Walk In Shower

Walk in showers bring a lot to the table, and if you are looking for a functional solution to your showering requirements you should definitely consider the undeniable benefits this option affords. Walk in showers offered by Tile Fix Direct are contemporary and elegant and are available in various styles to suit your needs.

For more information call 0333 320 04 24

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