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March 2014

Current Trends In Wet Room Shower Screens

There are many benefits to installing a wetroom in your home, such as making the room appear larger. Wetrooms utilise the space in any sized bathroom by opening up the room with less defined areas than typical bathrooms. However, this can cause a slight problem with water spreading around the room and can sometimes lead to wet surfaces or a build up of puddles. Wet room shower screens are a great way to combat excessive splashing and water spray without compromising on the open plan feel of the space.  

What Are The Current Trends In Wetroom Shower Screens?

Shower Screens are a great way to protect your wetroom from water whilst maintaining an open plan room. They tend to be transparent, which means they do not block light or create shadows and allow the shine and colour from the tiles to shine through. Read more

How To Create A Marmox Wet Room

How To Create A Marmox Wet Room | tilefixdirect.com/blog

Key Components Of A Marmox Wet Room

Regular readers of the Tile Fix Direct blog will be no strangers to the fact that a fundamental component of a wet room is the waterproof layer that sits below the tiles and bathroom fixtures. Marmox is a reputable brand in the wet room waterproofing products market, creating versatile tile backer insulation boards and Showerlay wet room shower trays, which are compatible with Dallmer wet room drains. In this blog post we look at the key components of creating a Marmox wet room that is fully waterproof and ready for tiling.

Waterproofing With Marmox Board

Marmox Multiboard is ideal for waterproofing solid walls and stud walls, as well as floors. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, you should be able to find the right size of boards for every project. However, Marmox boards are also easy to cut, meaning you can trim them if need be to fit awkward spaces. Marmox also makes curved tile backer board and pipe boxing, so you can fully waterproof your wet room no matter the shape.

Benefits Of Marmox Board

Marmox board is lightweight, manoeuvrable by one person, waterproof and provides a flat surface ready to tile on. It is strong and is also highly insulating. Backed up by certification from the British Board of Agrement, Marmox Multiboard is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and The Tile Association, providing reassurance for the user.

Marmox Board Installation Information

Marmox Wet Room Shower Tray

Marmox Showerlay wet room shower trays are designed to sit flush with the un-tiled floor and have appropriate falls pre-laid for convenience. Compatible with the Dallmer wet room drains sold on Tile Fix, Marmox Showerlay trays are lightweight and easy to handle. If necessary, the trays can be trimmed to fit the available space. Showerlay trays are very strong and mosaics as small as 50mm can be laid on top of the Marmox trays without fear of breakages due to point loading.

Marmox Showerlay Installation Information

Marmox On Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix Direct sells Marmox boards in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions, as well as Marmox Showerlay trays, Dallmer drains and Marmox Reinforcing Tape for use with tile backer boards. We also stock a range of ancillary products from other brands that can complement a Marmox wet room. For example, frameless wet room shower screens and electric underfloor heating can provide the finishing touch to your wet room.

Please note: Marmox showerlay trays are only compatible with Dallmer wet room drains.

The Latest Trends In Wetroom Flooring

Wet rooms are growing in popularity due to their fantastic design that enhances the space in any size room, with added benefits of improved safety and easy maintenance. Wet rooms are open plan, which means there are many options as to how the room can be styled and, with such a vast space created, wet room flooring becomes an important part of the interiors in any wetroom.

What Are The Latest Trends In Wet Room Flooring?

Tiles have always been a popular choice of wet room flooring as they are contemporary, sleek and safe and can be slip-resistant. They are also versatile, meaning you can use different colours, stone, materials and patterns to really achieve the look you are after. Read more

Wetrooms Are The New Trend For Bathroom Renovations

Modern renovations of home bathrooms are becoming more luxurious and with innovative designs and our lives becoming even busier, the appeal of wetrooms is stronger than ever before.

Here at Tile Fix Direct, we specialise in offering fantastic wetroom installation/ tile products to ensure you get the finest quality items at the best prices. We use contemporary design that can manage the demand of busy family life.

Why Are Wetrooms So Popular Now?

Caroline McGhie, a columnist for The Telegraph, said “The small room where floors used to be cold and luxury was scarce has changed…Underfloor heating, constant hot water, high-pressure showers, minimalism and sheer indulgence are the bywords” meaning the room where we wash daily has become incredibly important.

Our daily needs have changed; we do not have time to indulge in enormous tubs filled with bubbles and bath salts for an hour every night, but we do not want to compromise on luxury just because time is precious. Wetrooms perfectly combine luxury with the practical elements of family showering. Read more

The History Of Walk In Showers

The shower is a staple part of any bathroom in any home. Although we may take its existence for granted we use it every day, making it a contemporary solution to our entire family’s bathing and hygiene needs.

Showers are often favoured over the traditional bath due to their convenience, speed, and, more recently, their beautiful design. In fact, the appeal of walk in showers is replacing the need for a bath at all in some houses.

The shower has been through many changes over the years; developing from a basic tool to aid personal hygiene via running water, to luxurious walk in showers of immaculate, fresh designs that are a priority in any home. Read more

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