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April 2014

Brand Focus – Schlüter

Brand focus on Schluter Systems | tilefixdirect.com/blog


Founded in 1966 by Werner Schlüter, Schlüter-Systems is a multinational producer of tiling products. Well renowned for its quality and complete system, Schlüter creates products for private houses, rented properties and industry. With training courses available to educate fixers on best practice when installing their products, Schlüter provides expert support to back up their quality range.

Schlüter Products On Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix sells a range of Schlüter products at fantastic online-only prices. We offer a price match guarantee and free delivery to the UK mainland on orders over £50. Some of the most popular Schlüter products that we stock include Ditra matting, Kerdi membrane, and Ditra sound.

Ditra Matting

Available for over 25 years, the bright orange Ditra matting is well known and respected in the industry. A quality uncoupling system, Ditra matting is a polyethylene membrane that is also waterproof. Ideal for ensuring any cracks in the subfloor do not damage the tiling above, Ditra matting is ideal for a range of even, load bearing surfaces.

Kerdi Membrane

Made of soft polyethylene, Kerdi membrane is a waterproof crack-bridging membrane that is covered on both sides by a fleece webbing designed to firmly bond to suitable tile adhesive. Ideal for use on walls and floors, Kerdi membrane is also suitable for bathrooms and wet areas.

Ditra Sound

Made of heavy polyethylene and covered on both sides by an anchoring fleece, Ditra sound is a soundproofing mat designed to be used under tiles. The matting adheres strongly to tile adhesive due to the fleece, and can reduce the impact sound of floor constructions by 13dB.

Getting the Right Wet Room Shower Screen

Getting the right shower screen is an important part of designing your perfect wetroom. In this blog, we discuss what to consider when purchasing the right wet room shower screen.

What is a Wet Room Shower Screen?

An optional extra, a wet room shower screen can be used to contain the spray from your shower, keeping your bathroom accessories and linen dry. Most modern shower heads are powerful and so can quickly soak surrounding towels if not protected. With a shower screen installed, you can easily keep excess water from spreading around the rest of your wetroom, whilst still enjoying the open plan area. Read more

Why Electric Underfloor Heating Is Ideal For Wetrooms

We take a look at why electric underfloor heating is perfect for wetrooms & bathrooms | tilefixdirect.com/blog

Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a popular alternative to conventional radiators when heating a home and electric underfloor heating can safely be used in wetrooms and bathrooms, making it an ideal choice. Electric underfloor heating typically warms the room more quickly than radiators and does so at a lower temperature, which can save you money on your heating bills. This form of heating is even more efficient if it is installed on top of insulated tile backer boards, which reflect the heat upwards and minimise heat lost through the subfloor.

The self-adhesive electric underfloor heating mats sold on Tile Fix Direct are easy to install and ideal for use under tiles in wetrooms. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, a competent DIYer should be able to do most of the installation if they choose. However, a qualified electrician must carry out any electrical work, which must conform to current IEE wiring regulations and is subject to Part P of the building regulations.

Benefits Of Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

  • The underfloor heating mats from DEVI and Orbry that are sold on Tile Fix Direct are waterproof, meaning they are suitable for use in wetrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.
  • Self-adhesive electric underfloor heating mats are easy to install.
  • They help evaporate water spilled on the floor making wetrooms safer.
  • A significant benefit of this type of underfloor heating is it can be installed on any level of the house – particularly beneficial as most primary bathrooms or wetrooms are upstairs.

Buying & Installing Underfloor Heating

On Tile Fix Direct we sell underfloor heating from respected brands Orbry and DEVI at low online-only prices. With various mats available, you are sure to find the right heating option for every room including wetrooms. If you would like to install your Orbry electric underfloor heating mats yourself, first take a look at the Orbry installation guide and if in doubt, consult a professional installer.

What is a Wet Room Shower Tray?

Wet Room Shower Trays are becoming more popular across the UK, especially when replacing old shower trays that are susceptible to flexing. Over the years, the fitting of sleek, contemporary wet room shower trays suits the streamlined, modern look of wet rooms.

What is a Wet Room Shower Tray?

A wet room shower tray is designed to drain away the water from your wet room or walk-in shower. Many wet room shower trays incorporate a small fall or incline in their design. This is done to ensure that after you’re finished showering, any excess surface water or puddles have been drained away. Read more

How to Buy the best Wet Room Shower Screen

An open plan design of a wet room appeals to many of us and we do not want to compromise the space with large, oppressive shower doors or curtains that can take up vital space in a wet room. A glass wet room shower screen is a great solution to protect your room from excessive water spray covering your towels, sinks and flooring without having to compromise the open plan feel in your room.

How To Choose The Best Wet Room Shower Screen For You

Choosing the best wet room shower screen for you is essential, so before you decide on your screen consider: Read more

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