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May 2014

Product Feature: BAL Rapid-Mat

Check out BAL Rapid-Mat, an innovative uncoupling matting solution.

BAL is world renown brand within the tiling industry because of the brand’s ability to continuously provide innovative products. BAL Rapid-Mat is no exception and was released at the beginning of 2014. This new, revolutionary uncoupling mat is a beneficial solution for fixers, contractors, and specifiers. As is the way with all BAL products, it’s backed by a BAL 25 Year Guarantee.

The BAL Rapid-Mat is an uncoupling matting solution that provides a fast-track solution when tiling onto problematic floor substrates. The decoupling mat helps to protect the floor from damage caused by stresses and lateral movement in the flooring substrate. The Rapid-Mat is suitable for use on timber floors, new screeds, and floors with underfloor heating systems installed. The mat can also be used with most types of tiles, including mosaics. Once the mat is laid, tiling can commence immediately.

A Brief Look at the Benefits of Installing BAL Rapid-Mat

  • Reduced cost: The Rapid-Mat uses about 20% less adhesive than like matting systems with cavities. The BAL Rapid-Mat doesn’t have cavities within the top layer and this save 1.5kg of adhesive per m2, or 45kg per 30m roll!
  • Performance: Due to its condensed 1mm profile with minimal compression, this uncoupling matting is capable of increased loading capacity. Plus, the 1mm thickness also makes it suitable for overlaying existing floors and avoids an excessive increase in the height of the floor.
  • Lightweight: Makes it easy to carry and transport
  • Easy to install: A printed grid structure on the back of the matting makes rolling out, measuring, and cutting quicker and easier

Product Information and Installation Instructions for BAL Rapid-Mat

Detailed information on the Rapid-Mat is available by referring to the BAL Rapid-Mat Product Data Sheet.

For a visual on how to install the BAL Rapid Mat, please check out the installation video below.

Buy BAL Rapid-Mat from Tile Fix Direct

The BAL Rapid-Mat is available online at Tile Fix Direct. The matting can be purchased per square metre or as a 30m roll.

Product Feature: Schlüter® DITRA HEAT-E

Check out Schluter electric underfloor heating

Tile Fix Direct now stocks and sells Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E online. This electrical underfloor heating system is a fully-integrated solution for use underneath tiles and natural stone floors.

Benefits of Schlüter®DITRA-HEAT-E

  • Easy press to lay cable – you won’t have use tape or glue!
  • No need to use self-levelling compound or primer
  • Greater flexibility because of the loose heating cable
  • Tiling can commence immediately
  • Saves you the most important thing – TIME!

The new heating system is perfect for renovation projects and refurbishments because of its decoupling and crack-bridging properties. The system offers freedom when it comes to creating concentrated heating zones. In addition, it provides uniform spacing without having to measure or mark. Schlüter states that this could cut installation time by up to 70%!

The Schlüter DITRA HEAT-E System is available to purchase online at Tile Fix Direct. You can buy the matting separately or you can purchase the DITRA HEAT-E kits. The electric underfloor heating kit includes an uncoupling mat, heating cables, and thermostat. The only other products you’ll need to complete the underfloor heating installation is tiles and adhesive!

Installing Schlüter DITRA-HEAT-E

For in-depth installation intstructions, please refer to the Schlüter DITRA-HEAT-E Installation Guide.

To get a glimpse of what it’s like to install the new electric underfloor heating system for yourself, view the installation video below.

Planning A Wet Room

Check out our advice on planning a wet room | tilefixdirect.com/blog

Installing a wet room can transform a bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary that is both practical and stylish. In this blog post we take a look at the key things you need to consider when planning a wet room.

Walk-In Shower

Central to a wet room is a gorgeous walk-in shower. First you will need to decide what size of shower to include, and select the appropriate wet room shower tray. These specially designed shower trays are pre-formed to falls to ensure water drains away effectively rather than sitting in a stagnant pool. They are designed to be tiled over – we advise using slip-resistant mosaics – and will be invisible in the completed room.

You can opt to have a square drain or a longer, linear drain, and position it in a variety of places. Make sure you purchase the correct shower tray based on your drain preferences. The drain covering can also be simple or ornate, depending on your preferred style.

Glass frameless shower screens complete the walk-in shower enclosure, but are an optional addition. As long as you fully waterproof the room you can choose to have a completely open shower if you would like. Otherwise, shower screens provide a defined shower area, contain the water in one space, and are transparent so won’t reduce the impression of space in the room.

Wet Room Flooring

When it comes to the wet room flooring, you need to ensure it is fully waterproof so that there are no leaks. This is especially important if you opt for no shower screen, as the water will spread across the floor. Tile backer boards from Orbry or Marmox are an ideal material for waterproofing the floor, in conjunction with waterproofing tape to seal the joins between the boards. They provide an insulated, watertight surface that is ready to tile on.

If you would like to include electric underfloor heating on your wet room floor, you would look to use an alternative waterproofing method to tile backer boards in order to minimise the height of the floor. Make sure the underfloor heating is suitable for use in wet rooms, and then use a self-levelling compound on top of the heating mats to create a floor surface that is ready for tiling.

Wet Room Walls

The wet room walls will also need to be waterproofed and we once again recommend using Orbry or Marmox tile backer boards in conjunction with waterproofing tape for the joins. As well as providing waterproof walls, they are a great way to insulate the room and provide a flat surface ready for tiling.

Wet Room Tiles, Fixtures & Fittings

There is a huge variety of tiles to choose from, so take into account your design preferences, budget and how much maintenance you are willing to undertake. Natural stone tiles look stunning but often need ongoing maintenance, so be sure you are fully informed before making your purchase.

Depending on the space you have available and whether the wet room is your main bathroom or a second one, you may like to include other fixtures and fittings. For example, a toilet, sink unit and bath are popular. We recommend including a bath if the wet room is your only bathroom, as this will maximise its appeal to prospective homeowners should you sell your property at some point.

Buy Wet Room Products Online

On the Tile Fix Direct website we have all the products you need to fully waterproof a wet room at low online-only prices. We also have a wide range of installation guides and technical information for many of the products that we sell.

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