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September 2014

Brand Focus: Lithofin


In 1953 German manufacturer Glaubrecht Stingel began producing a new cleaning product called ST57 KUK√ú; not a very catchy name but it did pave the way for a full range of tile cleaning and sealing products. By 1961 the company had to relocate to a larger premises due to expansion and demand, as their products were being used by customers across Europe. In 1974 Stingel’s son, having completed a degree in chemistry, took over the firm and eventually rebranded the products under the Lithofin name.

Now one of the leading suppliers of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramics, natural and artificial stone, Lithofin is synonymous with specialist products that define the industry standard.

Lithofin In Focus

  • Founded in 1953
  • Based in Germany
  • Supply a range of cleaning and sealing products for ceramics, natural & artificial stone
  • Unite research, development, production and warehousing under one roof
  • Safety and environmental concerns are at the heart of their business


Lithofin Products on Tile Fix Direct

Lithofin Stainstop Plus

Stainstop Plus is colour intensifier and impregnator suitable for use on ceramic tiles, natural stone and concrete stone. Oil repellent agents will prevent water spots and stains on your tiled floor, whilst enhancing their natural colour. Particularly suited to rough surfaces, the product is ready to use and provides a matt finish both indoors and out.

Lithofin Grout Protector

Lithofin Grout Protector prevents stains on the grout joints from dirt, grease or mould by impregnating it and reducing the porosity. It protects and seals ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tile grout joints, and can be used for kitchen and bathroom walls and floors.

Lithofin Multi-Seal

Lithofin Multi-Seal is a water based sealant suitable for rough honed stone and terracotta surfaces. Once applied, Multi-Seal produces a resistant satin finish, which strengthens the colour of the surface material and makes it stain resistant. This makes maintenance much quicker and easier, particularly as it also creates a scuff resistant surface.

Tile Fix Direct carries a wide range of Lithofin products online.

Product Focus: Orbry Wet Room Shower Tray

Orbry Shower Tray

Orbry is a supplier of a range of wet room products, offering a complete wetroom solution. One of the integral parts of any wet room is the shower tray, as this is used to hold the drain and help water flow into it easily. It is also used to create the walk-in shower that becomes the selling point of any wetroom.

Orbry Shower Trays possess both waterproof and insulating qualities, making them the ideal tray for use in a wetroom. All of the trays are easy to cut giving you the chance to get the perfect fit for your shower area. Remember to choose the Orbry drain which is most compatible with your chosen shower tray, as other drains cannot be used with the Orbry Shower Tray.

Key Features and Benefits of Orbry Shower Tray

  • Material possesses both waterproof and insulating qualities
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Smooth surface to tile on to
  • 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • High compressive strength
  • Fire retardant material

Choosing A Wet Room Shower Tray

When planning your wetroom you should know the size of your showering area, and the shower tray should roughly match this – although it can be slightly larger if you want.

Shower Tray Sizes Available

  • 800 x 800 x 30mm
  • 900 x 900 x 30mm
  • 1000 x 1000 x 30mm
  • 1200 x 1200 x 30mm
  • 1200 x 900 x 30mm
  • 1850 x 900 x 30mm

Drain Positions Available

  • Centre – positioned in the centre of the shower tray
  • Corner – positioned in the corner of the shower tray
  • End – positioned in the centre of the shorter side of the shower tray
  • Offset – positioned in the centre of the longer side of the shower tray

The above options are available for standard size drains, however we also carry end and centre positioned boards for use with linear drains. If you are looking to create something completely unique, Orbry also offer a Bespoke Shower Tray option, with your choice of size (up to 1600mm) and drain position. Check the Orbry Shower Tray technical diagrams for drain position options.

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