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November 2014

Using Ardex Arditex NA Levelling and Smoothing Compound

Ardex Arditex NA

Arditex NA from Ardex is a rapid hardening, ammonia free, latex sub-floor levelling and smoothing compound with improved flow, excellent adhesion, flexibility and water resistance. It can be used with underfloor heating and on most sub-floors including concrete and cement/sand screeds, flooring grade asphalt, quarry tiles, internal steel floors, porcelain tiles and flooring grade plywood. Arditex NA can be laid from a feather edge up to at least 12mm in a single application.

The product requires a mixture of Arditex NA Latex and Arditex NA Powder, both of which are sold separately.


Ensure the surface of the subfloor is clean, sound and clear from dust, paint, grease or loose materials. If you are using Arditex NA over remaining adhesive residues, check to make sure they are not water softenable and that they will withstand the screeding compound. It may be necessary to prime absorbent surfaces with a layer of Arditex NA latex diluted 1 part to 4 parts water with a broom and allow to dry to help reduce suction and pinholes.

A suitable surface damp proof membrane should be applied where rising damp is present, however Arditex NA is unaffected by dampness in the sub-floor as long as there is no surface water. If the sub-floor is impervious or has adhesive residues that will be affected by subsequently applied adhesives, an overall application of Arditex NA at between 3mm and 6mm thick will be required to ensure uniform drying. If using over pitch adhesive residues, first check that they are hard and well adhered enough to support the required thickness of the compound before applying.

Arditex NA can be used toe level timber floors that are rigid but uneven or worn, prior to installing WBP plywood or tile backer boards and new flooring. When using over rigidly fixed flooring grade plywood, Arditex NA can be used as a smoothing layer up to a maximum thickness of 6mm before fitting the final floorcovering with a suitable water-based adhesive.

For gypsum (anhydrite) screeds, ensure it has been tested and contains less than 0.5% moisture content or 75% relative humidity. An appropriate primer should be used to prevent the compound from coming into direct contact with the gypsum screed, as this may have an adverse reaction.


One 20kg bag of Arditex NA should be mixed with one 4.85kg bottle of Arditex NA latex, or 3:1 ratio of powder to latex for smaller quantities. Shake the latex and pour it into a clean mixing container, then gradually add the powder whilst stirring continuously. To aid this use a mixing paddle with a 10mm chuck electric drill.


Once the mixture is ready it should be poured on to the prepared surface and carefully spread with a trowel to the required thickness. This should be applied at temperatures above 5°C, and in one application – not in stages. The use of a spiked roller will improve the surface and performance of the applied mortar whilst still wet.


A standard mix of Arditex NA is suitable for applications from a feather edge up to 12mm, however for thicknesses of 8mm and above an aggregate should be added to help the mix go further.


All tools and mixing containers should be washed and cleaned in water immediately after use before the material sets.

Drying & Hardening

When applied as a 3mm layer at normal temperatures Arditex NA has a working time of approximately 20 minutes, can be walked in in around 2 hours and most floor coverings can be added after 4 hours. The setting, hardening and drying times will be extended or shortened at low or high temperatures respectively, and thicker applications will have an extended drying time.


Coverage varies depending on the texture of the substrate and application thickness, see below table for approximate coverage.

Application Thickness Approximate Coverage
2mm 7m2
3mm 5m2
5mm 3m2
8mm with aggregate 3m2
10mm with aggregate 2.3m2

For applications of 8mm and thicker it is recommended to add Ardex Coarse Aggregate to improve coverage.

Storage & Shelf Life

Arditex NA powder has a storage life of 12 months when stored in dry conditions, and Arditex NA latex has a storage life of 6 months when stored in frost-free conditions out of direct sunlight.

Wet Room Shower Screen Options At Tile Fix Direct

wet room options

When planning a wet room there are many different elements to choose; layout, underfloor heating, tiles, furniture and whether to include a shower screen. A shower screen is not necessary in a wet room, but for small to medium sized wet rooms they are a wise choice to prevent water splashing throughout the room and soaking the towels and toilet paper. Tile Fix Direct offers a range of Orbry shower screen sizes to suit your wet room.

All Orbry wet room shower screens are all 2 metres tall and available in widths from 690mm up to 1190mm. Made from 10mm toughened glass, each screen comes with a genuine ClearShield protection coating. The sleek frameless screens add a contemporary barrier to your wet room which keeps water contained in the shower area and therefore aids water drainage.

Included With The Orbry Shower Screen

  • 10mm toughened glass shower screen
  • Surface wall and floor channels
  • Coated with genuine ClearShield coating
  • Telescopic wall support bar
  • 2-man delivery to the room of your choice

Shower Screen Additional Products

When ordering your Orbry Shower Screen you can also include add-on items to create your perfect wet room.

  • Designer Wall Bar – Upgrade to the Designer Wall Bar for a more stylish, sleek and modern appearance
  • Designer Corner Bar – The Designer Corner bar can be fitted with shower screens less then 800mm, or in place of the Telescopic Wall Bar when additional return panels are used
  • 90° Joint – The 90° Joint connects an additional return panel to the main glass panel
  • 135° Joint – The 135° Joint connects an additional return panel to the main glass panel
  • T-Shaped Joint – The T-Shaped Joint connects two additional return panels to the main glass panel
  • Double Robe Hook – The Double Robe Hook hangs on the outside of the shower screen, making it easier to reach your towel and perfect for saving space in your wet room
  • Recessed Channel – The Recessed Channel is available as an upgrade to all Orbry Shower Screens. It is installed during tiling – a 14mm gap must be left between the tiles

Browse the full range of Orbry Wet Room Shower Screens available at Tile Fix Direct online today.

NEW! Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat

Orbry smart touch thermostat

Orbry is a wet room specialist with a range of tile backer boards, shower screens and underfloor heating products. Their newest product is the Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat for use with Orbry electric underfloor heating mats, and in this blog we’ll take a closer look at this exciting new product.

Features of the Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat

  • 4.3 inch backlit colour display screen
  • Easy touchscreen controls
  • Control underfloor heating systems up to 16Amps
  • 7 day programmable heating schedule
  • 5 flexible heating modes

The touchscreen electric underfloor heating thermostat features a 4.3inch backlit colour display so it’s easy to program your heating schedule, and the touch sensitive screen enables you to make quick changes to the temperature. With a 7 day customisable heating schedule, you can choose from 5 individual heating modes to suit your lifestyle.

5 Flexible Heating Modes

  • Program – create a heating schedule that fits around your life with 6 separate settings for Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Comfort – add instant comfort with a preset comfort temperature level
  • Economy – switch to your pre-set economy settings with a single touch
  • Boost – add instant warmth to your floors without affecting your programmed schedule
  • Holiday – maintain temperatures while away and keep costs down

The Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat can help you to save energy and money by making it quick and simple to create a bespoke and efficient heating schedule. The Comfort and Economy settings ensure the system does not need to heat up from cold each time and the temperature can be quickly adjusted.

Pick up your Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat from Tile Fix Direct today.

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