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Cyber Monday Deals At Tile Fix Direct

Cyber Monday

With the chaos of Black Friday over with we can sit back, relax and enjoy the great Cyber Monday deals right from our desks (or sofas/smartphones depending on your preference)! We’ve got a selection of discount codes valid for one day only, as well as our special weekly deal!

Orbry Tile Backer and Insulation Boards

Orbry Tile Backer and Insulaion boards are perfect for waterproofing wet rooms and walk in showers, insulating internal solid walls and creating a flat and even surface for easy tiling. Get 15% off Orbry Boards today only with code CM14ORB.

Genesis Tile Trim

Tile trim profiles create an attractive edge to tiling and can increase the durability of the tiled area by protecting the edges. Get 15% off all Tile Trim today only with code CM14TT.

Ardex Arditex NA Smoothing and Levelling Compound

Arditex NA is a self-smoothing, protein-free levelling compound that is easy to use and has enhanced adhesion, flexibility, and water-resistance. Get 20% off Ardex Arditex NA today only with code CM14ANA.

DEVImat Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

Easy to install and perfect for tiled floors, DEVImat electric underfloor heating mats are a fantastic addition to kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Get 10% off DEVImat electric underfloor heating mats all week with code DEV10112.

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