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How To Choose A Wet Room Drain

How to Choose a Wet Room Drain

Due to the open plan nature of a wet room, water will not be contained like it is in a bath or traditional shower tray, therefore it often splashes throughout the room and needs a bit more encouragement to drain away. Our wet room shower trays have a built in slope or ‘fall’ that helps the water flow towards and into the drain. When installing a wet room it is important to consider the type of wet room drain you will need, as this will affect both the look and the function of your wet room.

The most important part of your wet room drain is the part you do not see. Hidden beneath the floor is the main body of the drain that connects to the waste pipe. The most common type of drain is the horizontal wet room drain which is used with pipes that run horizontally through or under the floor. Vertical drains are also available for pipes, however these are less common.

It is also very important to make sure your chosen wet room drain and shower tray are compatible. Orbry Wet Room Drains are suitable for use with all Orbry Shower Trays, while Dallmer Wet Room Drains are suitable for use with all Marmox Showerlay Shower Trays.

Different wet room drains can cope with different amounts of water, so it’s important to check your shower and drain are compatible. Each drain has a number of litres it can take per minute, so check that your shower does not use more than this, particularly with power showers.

Aesthetically there are several options for your wet room drain. Consider the position of your drain when choosing the drain cover, for example it should not be directly under foot as this will affect the water flow. When choosing the look of your wet room drain you can go for a metal grate or a tileable drain cover. There is also a linear option – a long, thin metal drain cover – which adds a modern and sleek look to your wet room or walk in shower.

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