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Low Height Heated Screeds With Schluter BEKOTEC-THERM

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Schlüter DITRA-HEAT is an extremely popular form of electric underfloor heating thanks to its efficiency, low installation height and ease of use. However, if you are looking to heat larger spaces or a whole house, wet underfloor heating is a much more efficient choice. Thankfully, Schlüter also have that covered with their innovative BEKOTEC-THERM thermal comfort floor system.

Schlüter BEKOTEC-THERM is a modular system which is created bespoke for each installation. The wet underfloor heating system is quick and easy to install, making it the perfect choice for renovations and new build projects. The system can also be connected to an existing radiator system or directly pumped off the boiler for extensions and conservatories. As much less screed is needed than in normal pipe-based underfloor heating systems, BEKOTEC-THERM can respond quicker and heat up faster. This also means that it can be used with lower temperatures, saving you energy and therefore money.

Schlüter BEKOTEC-THERM is a modular system which uses less screed than conventional systems, giving it a much lower installation height. The studded polystyrene BEKOTEC panel is installed directly over the load bearing substrate. The studs are situated 75mm apart, creating separate sections of screed which absorb the contractions and stresses that occur when the screed cures, removing the need for movement joints in the screed. The studs also allow easy installation of the heating cables, which sit between the studs. Screed is applied covering the studs and heating cables by a minimum of 8 mm and a maximum of 25 mm, resulting in a screed thickness of at least 32 mm between the studs.

Benefits of the Schlüter BEKOTEC-THERM System

  • Save energy – low 30ºC supply temperature to heat tiled floors.
  • Reduced costs – less energy is required which will save money.
  • Environmentally friendly – a reduction in cement screed, materials, weight, transport and CO2 makes the system much more green. The system can also be used with renewable energy sources like heat pumps and solar equipment.
  • 5 year guarantee – the guarantee protects not only the full system, but any damage to the floor construction.
  • Move in much faster – no need to wait 4 weeks or more for the screed to dry and quicker installation time.
  • Fast reaction heated floors – quicker response thanks to lower screed mass.
  • Easy to control – control temperatures in each room, and across the whole building.
  • Even heat distribution – heat is dispersed evenly via interconnected air channels.
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer – use the system in the warm summer months with the option for passive cooling.

The video below shows how the Schlüter BEKOTEC-THERM system is installed.

As the Schlüter BEKOTEC-THERM system is designed to specifically suit each individual project, we do not sell the components direct. Once you have filled in Schlüter BEKOTEC-THERM quote form we will provide you with an estimated quote. If you would like to see full plans for your system you will need to pay a £250 deposit, and the specialist Schlüter engineers will create a plan including everything you need. If you decide to go ahead with the installation of the system, the deposit will be deducted from the final cost once your plans have been approved.

Schluter BEKOTEC-THERM quote system

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