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September 2015

Product Feature: BAL Tank-it Waterproofing System

BAL Tank-it

Building Adhesives Limited, better known as BAL, have been creating innovative tiling products in the UK for over 50 years. Their range of adhesives and grouts covers a range of tiling needs, and they all come with a 25 year guarantee to give you extra peace of mind. The BAL Waterproofing Kit has been the go-to tanking solution for domestic showers for many tilers, and now BAL have released their brand new Tank-it waterproofing kit.

The BAL Tank-it system is the ultimate waterproofing kit, providing complete protection in any environment. The new formula can be used in both internal and external environments, even in areas that are subject to total immersion including swimming pools, fountains, wet rooms, spas and balconies. BAL Tank-it can be used to create a fully watertight seal on both walls and floors.

BAL Tank-it can be used on the following bases:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Rendering
  • Lightweight blockwork
  • Cement sand screed
  • Plaster
  • Plasterboard
  • Tile backer boards
  • Glazed & unglazed ceramic tile
  • Hard natural stone
  • Timber floors
  • Plywood (walls)

The two-part system is made up of Tank-it powder and liquid, which are used in conjunction with the Tank-it scrim tape. It can be applied using a standard notched trowel, brush or roller – so there’s no need to go out and buy any new special equipment. No priming or matting is required, and once applied it can be tiled after just 90 minutes, reducing the overall time for the project. Each 5kg bag of powder and 5L bottle of liquid will cover approximately 0.73m2 when applied at 1mm thickness, each coat should be 0.5mm thickness.

Ultimate Performance

  • Rapid setting – tile after just 90 minutes
  • Fast-track project completion
  • No matting required

Ultimate Workability

  • Easy to use formulation
  • Simple two-part mix and scrim tape
  • Can be applied simply using a standard notched trowel

Ultimate Versatility

  • Can be used for internal and external projects
  • Suitable for total water immersion
  • No priming required

Applying BAL Tank-it

  1. Firstly prepare the surface – for specific instructions on how to prepare your base material see the BAL Tank-it data sheet.
  2. apply the self-adhesive Tank-it tape to all internal and external corners, wall junctions with upstands and columns, pipe penetration points, junctions of different base materials and cracks or joints in backgrounds.
  3. In a mixing bucket, mix 1/4 of the powder with half of the liquid until a lump-free consistency is achieved. Add a further 1/4 of the bottle of liquid, mix for 1 minute, leave to stand for 2 minutes then mix again for 30 seconds.
  4. Apply the mixture to the walls and floor using 4x4mm notched trowel – if using a brush or roller more than one coat may be required. Keep in mind the 45 minute pot life of the product.
  5. Use a floating trowel to flatten the ribs to a thickness of 0.5mm before the surface has dried.
  6. Mix the rest of the powder and liquid using the same method as before.
  7. Apply the second layer using the same method as the first after 30 minutes, when the surface is touch dry.
  8. Leave until it is touch dry – approximately 60 minutes.
  9. The area is now ready to tile. Showers should not be used for at least 2 weeks after the grout is installed, and pools should not be filled for 3 weeks.

BAL Tank-it Powder, Liquid and Tape can be ordered online at Tile Fix Direct now.

Create a Custom Wet Room Kit at Tile Fix Direct


Recent data has shown that wet rooms are the fastest growing sector of the UK bathroom market, and this growth is set to continue by a further 34% by 2019. This may be due to people adding to their current homes instead of moving, or because they are creating more accessible bathrooms to accommodate the ageing population. Either way, we know that wet rooms are in demand – and what better way to work out exactly what you need than use our bespoke wet room kit quote builder.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is basically an open plan shower – where the whole room becomes the shower enclosure. The shower area has no lip or ledge to step over to access it, as the whole room being on the same level. Normally all of the walls and floor are tiled, and must be tanked beneath to create a watertight environment.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

There are many benefits to installing a wet room kit in your home, whether it is as a replacement for your current bathroom or as an additional shower room.

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Can add value to your home
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Easy access for those with mobility issues
  • Looks modern and stylish
  • Can fit into any space – from a large bathroom to an under-the-stairs cupboard

Create a wet room kit online

Our handy wet room kit quote builder will help you determine which products are best suited to your specific wet room project, and approximately how much you should need of them. Simply fill in the form to create your custom wet room kit quote.

Wet room kit quote builder

  1. Wet room shape & size: enter the dimensions of your wet room to determine the amount of materials needed.
  2. Wet room construction: choose these floor and wall construction of your wet room to find best materials for your wet room.
  3. Wet room shower tray and screen: select the size and shape of your wet room tray, drain and shower screen if needed.
  4. Underfloor heating: decide whether you want to add underfloor heating to your wet room.

At Tile Fix Direct we have a range of pre-packaged wet room kits, as well as a range of wet room products to create your own bespoke wet room.

Why Choose DEVI Underfloor Heating

DEVI Underfloor Heating at Tile Fix Direct

When it comes to underfloor heating, there are many different decisions you need to make. Firstly you will need to decide whether you will be using electric or wet underfloor heating. While wet underfloor heating can be a good option for the whole house, electric underfloor heating is perfect for one or two rooms. With so many brands and types of electric underfloor heating on the market, it’s hard to know which is the best for you. We’re going to take a look at the products and benefits of DEVI underfloor heating to help you decide if it’s right for your project.

DEVI underfloor heating is a great option for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways – as well as any other room in the home you want the comfort of warm floors. There are many reasons you should choose to install DEVI underfloor heating products in your home:

Benefits of DEVI underfloor heating

  • Easily calculate which products and the quantity you need using the free online DEVI HeatMAP™ software.
  • DEVI underfloor heating products are quick and easy to install, the mats simply roll out and have self-adhesive on the underside.
  • Available in self-adhesive mats or loose lay cables – making it extremely flexible and therefore suited to all sizes and shapes of rooms.
  • Underfloor heating helps avoid slips and falls by evaporating any left over water in wet rooms and walk in showers, or from umbrellas, coats and shoes in halls.
  • As the mats are extremely thin they can be installed over old floors, making them perfect for renovation projects. The depth of the DEVI underfloor heating mat, adhesive and tiles is usually just 8-10mm!
  • Heat rises from the floor to the ceiling so the even distribution of heat throughout the floor provides a more comfortable warmth.
  • DEVI underfloor heating heats rooms at a lower temperature than traditional radiators, reducing temperatures by 1-2°C without influencing the thermal comfort level and reducing energy loss by up to 20%.
  • Reduction in energy used is better for the environment and will reduce your energy bills, DEVI underfloor heating is designed to run at approx. 1p per m2.
  • As the thin mats are hidden beneath the floors they allow you to free up wall space – giving you freedom to place furniture anywhere you like in the room.
  • Traditional radiators can become dust traps, removing these and installing DEVI underfloor heating is more hygienic and better for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • As the heating mats are placed directly beneath the flooring, they can heat up the room much quicker than other heating methods.
  • The DEVI underfloor heating can be easily controlled using one of the many thermostat options including the touchscreen DEVITouch or wireless DEVILink system.
  • Each mat comes with the DEVI 10 Year Warranty, giving you extra peace of mind.

At Tile Fix Direct we stock a range of DEVI underfloor heating products at great prices. Order your DEVI Underfloor Heating online today.

Waterproof and Bridge Cracks with Schl├╝ter KERDI Membrane

Schluter KERDI Membrane

While tiles are often considered enough protection against water in standard bathrooms, wet rooms and walk in showers require an additional layer of waterproofing thanks to the extra water the surfaces will be subject to. There are three main types of waterproofing, or tanking, which can be used in wet rooms; waterproof tile backer boards, paint on tanking liquid or a tanking membrane. Each method has its benefits in different projects, and in this blog we’re going to take a closer look at the Schlüter KERDI membrane.

Schlüter KERDI is a soft polyethylene matting which can be used to not only waterproof, but also prevents cracks in the substrate beneath the tiles. The matting is resistant to most common chemicals, and will not rot or age. Both sides of the matting are covered with fleece webbing which helps to anchor the membrane in the tile adhesive. Schlüter KERDI can be used with tiles and natural stone, as well as plaster and other trowel applied coverings.

Benefits of Schlüter KERDI Membrane

  • Waterproof so ideal for use in bathrooms and wet rooms
  • Prevents movement in substrate from causing cracks in tiles
  • Suitable for use on both walls and floors
  • Resistant to most chemicals typically encountered in a tiled environment
  • Will not rot or deteriorate with age
  • Lightweight and easy to cut to size
  • Low assembly height of matting and thin bed adhesive
  • Fast installation – the covering can be installed as soon as the system is sealed

Installing Schlüter KERDI Membrane

Before installing Schlüter KERDI make sure the substrate is clean, even and load bearing – the surface must be levelled before applying the membrane. Measure the area you are going to be covering and cut the matting to size using scissors or a utility knife. Using a 4mm notched trowel, apply a thin-bed of suitable tile adhesive. Press the membrane into the adhesive, then make sure the fleece is anchored using the smooth side of a trowel or a float using diagonal strokes. Avoid leaving any air bubbles between the adhesive and the matting. Joints can be created by overlapping the two sheets by 5cm and applying KERDI-COLL adhesive, or abutting the edges and covering the joint with tape and KERDI-COLL adhesive. Once the system has been applied you can install the tiles or other covering straight away.

Schlüter KERDI Waterproofing Products at Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix Direct stocks a wide range of Schlüter products including the following KERDI range:

Product Feature: LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner

productfeatureltp floor

Household floor or all-purpose cleaners claim to be suitable for for a range of different floor coverings, however as these products tend to be highly acidic they can be damaging to your tiled floors. The super-strength cleaners can not only harm the surface of your tiles, but they can also be damaging to the grout joints too. UK-based LTP became aware of this problem and created a gentle but effective floor tile cleaner that can be used on porcelain and ceramic floor tiles.

LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner is a gentle pH neutral cleaner that has been specially formulated to clean porcelain and ceramic floor tiles without damaging them or the grout. The cleaning solution is strong enough to remove daily dirt and grime from both sealed and unsealed, and polished and unpolished surfaces.

The gentle cleaner is easy to use and does not require rinsing, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent to floors. Each 1 litre bottle can clean an average 20m2 floor up to 40 times, LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner is also available in 5 litre bottles. Suitable for use on floors in kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, conservatories, hallways and other interior tiled spaces.

How to use LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner

  1. Sweep floors to remove any dust or debris
  2. Dilute 2-3 capfuls into a bucket of warm water – up to 5 capfuls can be used on dirtier floors
  3. Wash the floor using a mop or applicator pad
  4. Leave to dry for 5 minutes
  5. For polished or highly glazed tiles buff with a microfibre cloth or machine

LTP have twenty years experience creating specialist tile and stone cleaning and sealing products. Order LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner and other cleaning and sealing products in the LTP range at Tile Fix Direct.

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