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Waterproof and Bridge Cracks with Schlüter KERDI Membrane

Schluter KERDI Membrane

While tiles are often considered enough protection against water in standard bathrooms, wet rooms and walk in showers require an additional layer of waterproofing thanks to the extra water the surfaces will be subject to. There are three main types of waterproofing, or tanking, which can be used in wet rooms; waterproof tile backer boards, paint on tanking liquid or a tanking membrane. Each method has its benefits in different projects, and in this blog we’re going to take a closer look at the Schlüter KERDI membrane.

Schlüter KERDI is a soft polyethylene matting which can be used to not only waterproof, but also prevents cracks in the substrate beneath the tiles. The matting is resistant to most common chemicals, and will not rot or age. Both sides of the matting are covered with fleece webbing which helps to anchor the membrane in the tile adhesive. Schlüter KERDI can be used with tiles and natural stone, as well as plaster and other trowel applied coverings.

Benefits of Schlüter KERDI Membrane

  • Waterproof so ideal for use in bathrooms and wet rooms
  • Prevents movement in substrate from causing cracks in tiles
  • Suitable for use on both walls and floors
  • Resistant to most chemicals typically encountered in a tiled environment
  • Will not rot or deteriorate with age
  • Lightweight and easy to cut to size
  • Low assembly height of matting and thin bed adhesive
  • Fast installation – the covering can be installed as soon as the system is sealed

Installing Schlüter KERDI Membrane

Before installing Schlüter KERDI make sure the substrate is clean, even and load bearing – the surface must be levelled before applying the membrane. Measure the area you are going to be covering and cut the matting to size using scissors or a utility knife. Using a 4mm notched trowel, apply a thin-bed of suitable tile adhesive. Press the membrane into the adhesive, then make sure the fleece is anchored using the smooth side of a trowel or a float using diagonal strokes. Avoid leaving any air bubbles between the adhesive and the matting. Joints can be created by overlapping the two sheets by 5cm and applying KERDI-COLL adhesive, or abutting the edges and covering the joint with tape and KERDI-COLL adhesive. Once the system has been applied you can install the tiles or other covering straight away.

Schlüter KERDI Waterproofing Products at Tile Fix Direct

Tile Fix Direct stocks a wide range of Schlüter products including the following KERDI range:

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