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January 2016

Product Feature: Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Eco Levelling Compound

Norcros Pro 30 Levelling Compound

Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Eco is a new levelling compound from Norcros, that combines rapid levelling with an eco friendly product. The single part compound has a number of features and benefits that will make jobs quicker and easier for tilers & installers.

Gone are the days when you needed to factor in an extra day to level the floor. With Norcros Pro 30 you can apply quickly and easily, and it’s ready to tile in just 45 minutes! If you are using impervious floor coverings the self-smoothing formula will need an additional 45 minutes (taking drying time up to 90 minutes).

Key Features & Benefits of Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Levelling Compound

  • Can be used to level from 2-30mm in a single application
  • Flexible formula
  • Eco friendly manufacturing process
  • Self-smoothing compound
  • Can be tiled after just 45 minutes
  • Carpet, vinyl, & other impervious floor coverings can be installed after 90 minutes
  • Perfect for use with underfloor heating
  • Suitable for use with a range of substrates including concrete, cement, anhydrite screeds, vinyl tiles, glazed tiles & overlaid timber floors
  • Conforms to CT C30-F9

Manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their products are having on the environment, and Norcros are taking this seriously. They have taken the quarried sand that is usually a large part of levelling compounds, and replaced it with recycled crushed glass – making Pro 30 their most eco-friendly product yet.

Preparation & Application of Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Levelling Compound

  • Before application, make sure that all surfaces are dry, clean and strong enough to support the tiles or flooring to be fixed. See the Norcros Pro 30 Data Sheet for preparation requirements for your specific substrate. Use the Norcros Tanking Kit to waterproof wet areas.
  • Add 5 litres of clean water into a mixing bucket and slowly pour in the powder levelling compound. Mix using a rotary drill paddle until the mixture forms a creamy lump-free consistency.
  • Pour the mixture on to the floor and trowel out until it reaches the desired depth – the product will smooth itself. As soon as the surface can support weight the tiles can be laid – approximately 45 minutes. This time should be increased to 90 minutes for impervious floor coverings.

Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Eco Levelling Compound is now available to order online at Tile Fix Direct.

Product Feature: DEVIflex Loose Lay Cable Electric Underfloor Heating

Product Feature: DEVIflex Loose Lay Cable Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is fast becoming a popular choice in homes, particularly in bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens. This is partly due to the affordability of underfloor heating products, but also due to the ease of installation. Electric underfloor heating mats make installation quick and easy, but if you are having to cut the mats repeatedly to fit them into a small or awkward space they can often make the job harder. DEVI have created an innovative loose lay electric underfloor heating cable that combats this problem.

DEVIflex is a heating cable that has been created with its user in mind. When developing the product, which is a replacement for the previous DTIP product, DEVI researched what users wanted and came up with three main design goals:

  1. A great cable strength
  2. Increased cable flexibility
  3. Superior reliability

In order to meet these design goals they created a heating cable that is perfect for using in small spaces, awkward shape rooms, or for those who prefer to lay the cable by hand. The DEVIflex loose lay underfloor heating cable has a twin conductor with a single cold lead cable which aids layout planning and installation. The cold lead cable is now even easier to strip thanks to its 3 solid copper wires.

Key features of DEVIflex cable

  • PVC outer sheath and XLPE insulated inner cable gives strength and flexibility
  • Easy installation thanks to the round construction of the heating cable & cold lead
  • Installation is possible at temperatures as low as -5° provided you allow for a longer installation period
  • Quality and reliability – DEVIflex conforms to IEC: 60800:2009 product standard
  • 360° full aluminium screening ensures maximum protection

Installing DEVIflex Heating Cable

Tips for installing the DEVIflex loose lay underfloor hearing cable:

  • Plan the installation by drawing a sketch which shows cable layout, cold leads & connections, junction box, sensor, connection box & thermostat.
  • Prepare the installation area by ensuring the surface is even, stable, smooth, dry and clean.
  • At low temperatures, heating cables can become rigid. After rolling out the element, briefly connect it to the mains supply to soften the cable before fastening.
  • Cables must not overlap or cross.
  • The heating cable bending diameter must be at lease 6 times the cable diameter.

DEVIflex installation

For full installation instructions, see the DEVIflex Installation Guide.

Order the DEVIflex Loose Lay Cable Underfloor Heating system online at Tile Fix Direct today.

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