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Add A Touch Of Luxury With A Walk-In Shower

Add a touch of luxury with a walk-in shower | tilefixdirect.com/blog

Whether you are looking to install a full wet room, or would just like a more stylish shower area, a walk-in shower can provide a simple, attractive and practical space for you to cleanse. In this blog post we take a look at the components of walk-in showers and some of their benefits, as well as offering some design suggestions.

What Is A Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are level-access and feature a tiled floor that sits flush with the rest of the bathroom floor. Although it appears as though there is no shower tray, in fact it is important to use a specially designed wet room shower tray that sits below the tiles. This is recessed into the floor to ensure that the overall result is a seamless transition from the shower floor to the main bathroom floor.

You can create walk-in showers in a variety of sizes, with Tile Fix selling wet room shower trays from Orbry and Marmox. A wide range of standard sizes are stocked, starting from 800 x 800mm, with bespoke shower trays also available. The standard trays can be trimmed slightly if necessary to better fit your space.

To install a walk-in shower in your bathroom you do not need to convert the room to a full wet room. If you chose to only have a level-access shower then it is important to include shower screens to prevent the water from escaping onto the floor and causing leaks. We stock a range of frameless wet room shower screens which can be used to help contain the water, and help create a distinct shower area. However, we recommend that you waterproof the entire floor just to be on the safe side, even if you aren’t waterproofing the walls.

Benefits Of Walk-In Showers

  • Level access floor makes them safer to get in and out of than a bathtub so great for the elderly.
  • Fully tiled floor and walls look more modern and stylish than typical white plastic.
  • Fit into most spaces – trays start from 800 x 800mm.
  • Typically easier to clean than standard showers.

Walk-In Shower Design Ideas

When designing your walk-in shower there are so many colour schemes and tile types to choose from. Consider how the rest of the bathroom is decorated and ensure that your shower either blends in or stands out, depending on your preference. Either way it should work well with the existing decor.

It is important to use slip-resistant tiles on the shower floor to minimise the risk of falling, and we recommend slip-resistant mosaic tiles of at least 50mm, as these look attractive as well as being practical. Adding a matching mosaic strip up the wall of one of the walls can provide an attractive and coordinated look, or adding a bold border can add some personality to your shower.

Experiment with mixing tile textures and materials to create a unique look, but make sure you check with your tile retailer as to the suitability of your tiles for use in walk-in showers and if they need to be sealed first.

Buy Walk-In Showers Online

Tile Fix Direct sells all the components to create and waterproof a walk-in shower, including tile backer boards, wet room shower trays, drains and frameless shower screens.

NEW! Orbry TrayFast

Orbry TrayFast Fixing

Easily fix walk-in shower trays to engineered joists with new Orbry TrayFast joist hangers. Specially designed with modern, engineered joists in mind, Orbry TrayFast joist hangers also work with standard joists. Helping to create a solid floor, level with the top of the joists, using Orbry TrayFast hangers eliminates the need to fix supporting battens to the joists.

Benefits Of Orbry TrayFast Joist Hangers

Orbry TrayFast

  • Fix in half the time it takes to install battens.
  • TrayFast works with standard and engineered joists, unlike battens.
  • Fully galvanised for wet areas.
  • Supports very heavy loads.
  • Great value for money.

How To Install Orbry TrayFast Joist Hangers

  1. Mark the position of the shower tray by placing it on the floor and drawing around it.
  2. Locate the nearest joists outside the marked area. Usually these will be denoted by where the floor boards are screwed down. Mark the line of the joist and remove the screws as necessary.
  3. Using a circular saw, set to the depth of the floorboards cut along the marked lines. Remove any screws within the marked area and remove the floorboards.
  4. Position the shower tray to check the fit and remove.
  5. Position the Orbry TrayFast joist hangers equidistant along the joists (gaps of up to 70mm between each TrayFast are acceptable) and fix each with four (4 x 40 mm) passivated screws.
  6. Cut 18mm exterior quality ply to fit between the joist hangers and loose lay on the hangers.
  7. Mark the positions of any drains and position as per manufacturers’ recommendations.
  8. Fix plywood in position with Gripfill adhesive and fix shower tray to manufacturers’ recommendations.

Orbry TrayFast Fixing Method

Buy Orbry TrayFast Online

At Tile Fix Direct we are proud to stock the latest addition to the Orbry wet room range, Orbry TrayFast. Until the end of April 2014 we are offering selling Orbry TrayFast joist hangers at a 20% discount, costing just ÂŁ1.95 + VAT.

Walk In Shower Kits To Create Your Ideal Shower

Walk In Shower

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom or are considering replacing your existing shower, then why not add a stylish and convenient walk in shower to your home. Increasingly popular in homes across the UK, we take a look at the benefits of walk in showers and how walk in shower kits from Tile Fix Direct make it easy to purchase everything you need at low online-only prices.

What Is A Walk In Shower?

Walk in showers are level-access showers in which the tiled shower floor sits level with the rest of the floor. Typically found in wet rooms, walk in showers feature a hidden shower tray that is tiled over to create a modern and attractive appearance. More upmarket than a plastic white shower tray, level-access showers look stylish and provide a safe, practical showering option.

Benefits Of Walk In Showers

  • Convenient and safe entry – level with the floor so no shower tray lip or bath to step over to gain access. This makes walk in showers ideal for the disabled, young kids and the elderly.
  • Safe – tiling the shower floor with slip-resistant mosaic tiles will minimise the risk of slipping and create a safer shower environment.
  • Stylish – fully tiled in your choice of tiles, walk in showers look attractive and modern.
  • Easy to clean – as walk in showers are fully tiled and streamlined, they tend to be easy to keep clean.
  • Fit in any space – walk in showers can fit in spaces as small as 800 mm x 800 mm as well as filling larger areas, allowing you to maximise the use of your available space.

Create Your Dream Walk In Shower With A Walk In Shower Kit

So you may have decided that a walk in shower would work in your home, but the next question is what do you need to create one? On the Tile Fix Direct website we have created a handy walk in shower kits quote builder that will recommend what you need based on the size of shower required and some basic details about your bathroom. The walk in shower kit builder will itemise everything you may need to create your walk in shower, from the size of shower tray and shower screen to all of the waterproofing elements you may require. You can then opt to add all items to your basket or adjust the levels according to your needs. We also have links to helpful installation guides to assist in creating your dream walk in shower.

5 Benefits Of Wet Room Shower Screens

Wet Room Shower Screen

When installing a wet room in your home, you have a multitude of choices to make. You can opt simply for a walk in shower, or instead waterproof the entire room; you can choose a neutral decor, or inject some striking colour; and when choosing tiles you must decide upon your preferred colour(s), design and material. Initially, however, you may not give much thought to whether or not to include a wet room shower screen. If you do not consider this option in the planning stages though, you may end up without a shower screen and feeling slightly disappointed with the final result. Whilst not essential in a fully waterproofed wet room, they are a popular addition and in this blog post we take a look at five benefits of wet room shower screens.

1. Stop Water Splashing Into The Room

Walk In Shower

Installing a wet room shower screen in your walk in shower prevents water in the shower area from splashing onto the floor and other fixtures and fittings. If your wet room area is small, then containing the water is particularly beneficial so you do not end up with soggy towels and loo roll.

If only the shower area has been waterproofed, then it is important to add a screen to contain the water within the shower area, in order to prevent leaks. If, on the other hand, the entire room has been fully waterproofed, leaks are not a concern. Either way, water on the floor poses a safety hazard and having a wet room shower screen as a physical barrier to contain the water will minimise any risk of slipping.

2. Create A More Traditional Shower Enclosure

A walk in shower provides a modern alternative to traditional shower-over-bath sets ups or white plastic shower trays. However, for many people the sense of openness that comes with not having a wet room shower screen can be a step too far and leave them feeling exposed. By adding a screen to the walk in shower, it creates a more familiar shower enclosure and provides a sense of being enveloped by the shower area, creating a warm cosy feeling. The familiar feel of the shower enclosure may also have more appeal to prospective buyers if selling your home, and may be viewed positively as a modern twist on a classic set up.

3. Can Provide Additional Storage

Installing a wet room shower screen provides an opportunity for adding extra storage. For example, a double robe hook clips over the top of the shower screen so that you can easily hang your towel and robe just outside the shower, meaning you can reach them without having to drip water across the floor. You could also add hanging racks to organise haircare products that similarly clip over the screen, adding convenience and saving space.

4. Will Not Create A Visual Barrier

Clear and frameless, wet room shower screens are minimalist and will not obstruct the ability to see the entire room, thus adding to the illusion of space. The simplicity of the design complements the modern walk in shower, whilst providing a welcome physical barrier to the shower spray.

5. Easy To Clean

A considerable benefit of wet room shower screens is that they are easy to clean and maintain in a hygienic condition. As they are frameless, you do not have to worry about mould growing in nooks and crannies, and basic regular cleaning will help keep their clean look.

Tile Fix Direct sells wet room shower screens from Orbry in a variety of sizes. Our handy shower screen advice page also has fantastic information about Orbry shower screens and accessories which can help you create your individual shower look.

Please Note: shower screens are special order items and cannot be refunded, so be sure that you choose the correct shower screen for your needs when purchasing.

How To Create Your Dream Walk In Shower

Wet Room

If you are looking for a way to modernise your bathroom, then installing a walk in shower may add just the touch of contemporary luxury that you are looking for. Increasingly popular, they are practical and stylish, combining easy step-free access with fully tiled walls and shower floor. Walk in showers are great for small bathrooms because they make the most of the available space. A walk in shower can be as small as 800 x 800mm or as large as you desire. Larger bathrooms provide even more opportunity to create a luxury space, and a large walk in shower can be added in combination with an opulent free standing bath.

Planning & Designing Your Walk In Shower

Once you have made the decision to install a walk in shower in your home, planning and design is the next important step. Calculate how much you can afford to spend on your project, measure the available space, and decide whether you will just have a walk in shower or will convert the entire room to be a fully waterproofed wet room. This stage is crucial for ensuring the success of the installation, so take the time to think everything through and ensure that your vision will work in your home.

Walk In Shower

When considering the layout and design of your walk in shower and bathroom configuration, we recommend looking online for inspiration, such as on Pinterest or on our wet room design ideas page. The more layout and colour schemes you look at, the more you will understand what you like and what could work with your existing space and budget. If either the space or money you have available is tight, then try to identify what the most important aspect of your walk in shower is and then plan around that. For example, you may have your heart set on a rainfall shower head and are willing to compromise on the type of tiles, or perhaps having a shower screen is a non-negotiable for you.

Whether you opt to convert the entire room into a wet room, or just want to install a walk in shower, we recommend that you waterproof the entire floor if possible. In the design and planning stage, it is important to realise that you will need a variety of important waterproofing products below the surface of the walk in shower and wet room. Whilst these will not be seen in the finished design, it is imperative that the room is properly waterproofed before tiling in order to ensure that the shower area and entire wet room (if relevant) are watertight and will remain so for years to come. Items that are likely to be included in the waterproofing layer include: tile backer boards, waterproofing tape, a walk in shower tray and relevant fixing products.

One of the most exciting (and potentially difficult) design choices you’ll have is the colour and type of tiles that you will use in your walk in shower. Mosaic tiles are popular for use in walk in showers, especially non-slip mosaics on the shower floor. You can choose to have complementary or contrasting colours, create a feature wall, or use the same tiles as the rest of the bathroom. You are likely to only be limited by your imagination and budget, but remember that the tiles will be there for many years so try to be confident that you will still love your choice in five and ten years’ time, as choosing the wrong tiles could prove to be a costly mistake. If you are considering natural stone tiles, find out what sort of sealing and maintenance they will require, as they are not as straightforward to use as porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Tiled Shower Tray

Installing Your Walk In Shower

When it comes to installing your walk in shower and wet room (if relevant) you will need to decide whether you will do any of the work yourself or if you will get tradespeople in to do the lot. Be sure to get at least three different quotes from tradespeople to ensure you find the best fit for you. If you will be undertaking any of the work yourself then we recommend that you read up on the relevant installation techniques and do not attempt to do anything that you are not confident about. At the end of this blog post you will find an instructional video on installing a walk in shower tray and links to Orbry wet room and walk in shower installation guides, which should assist you.

Adding The Finishing Touches To Your Walk In Shower

Bath Products & Tiles

The tiles and accessories that you use for your walk in shower will have a big impact on your enjoyment of it. For example, installing a shower screen helps to create a separate shower enclosure and prevents water splashing out onto the other fixtures and fittings, whilst still maintaining the modern, open feel of the walk in shower. Having a double robe hook over the top of the shower screen is an ideal way to save space and increase the storage – you can have your towel and bathrobe hanging conveniently close to you so that you do not have to drip water across the room when fetching your towel after showering. The type of shower head you use will also have an important bearing on how much you enjoy your new shower. A rainfall head is a popular item and increases the sense of luxury, but be realistic about what will suit your day-to-day needs as well as your budget. To truly create a hotel-like oasis in your own bathroom, it is a wonderful idea to purchase stylish glass bottles that you can decant your hair and body products into to create a designer inspired look.

Tile Fix Direct stocks all that you will need to waterproof a walk in shower and you can purchase a gorgeous range of tiles from The London Tile Co. that will be perfect for your new shower.

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