Decoupling Systems

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Waterproof decoupling membranes are designed to neutralise tensions between the substrate and the tiles. The uncoupling membrane helps to prevent stress cracks from transferring through to the finished tiled surface. Some decoupling membranes, like the ones that Tile Fix Direct stock, can be also used with electric underfloor heating systems. The membrane helps to alleviate increased stress that is caused by thermal movement. The uncoupling membrane absorbs the stress and the air spaces under the membrane allow the residual moisture to gradually escape, preventing cracks from forming in the tiles. Decoupling membranes also allow the heat from the underfloor heating system to be spread evenly across the floor surface, increasing the effectiveness of the heating system.

All the decoupling systems sold on Tile Fix Direct are suitable for use with electric underfloor heating; for more specific information please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Schl├╝ter DITRA Uncoupling Membrane

DITRA matting is the market leading decoupling membrane that is ideal for neutralising the tension between the substrate and tile coverings, thus protecting the visible tiled surface.

Norcros Permalayer Decoupling Membrane

Peramalyer is an ideal decoupling membrane to use with the Orbry waterproofing system and is fracture resistant up to 3mm.

Dural Durabase CI++ Decoupling System

The special triple-layer mat structure of the Durabase CI++ decoupling system helps alleviates stress between the subfloor and the tiled surface, and absorbs potentially damaging impacts.

Decoupling Systems Products

Schluter DITRA Matting Pallet - 6 Rolls (180m) +

Schluter DITRA 25 Matting De-coupling Waterproofing Membrane



(£7.36 inc. VAT)

per sq metre


Minimum Quantity: 180

Schluter DITRA Matting

Schluter DITRA 25 Matting Decoupling Waterproofing Membrane - Available Per Sq M, Rolls and Pallets

Item #: Schluter-DITRA-Matting

Dural Durabase CI+ Matting

Dural Durabase CI++ Decoupling & Waterproofing Matting

Item #: DRCIMAT1

5+: £5.80

(£6.96 inc. VAT)

30+: £5.50

(£6.60 inc. VAT)

60+: £5.20

(£6.24 inc. VAT)

per sq metre


Minimum Quantity: 5

Permalayer Anti-Fracture Underlay Matting

Norcros Permalayer Anti-Fracture Membrane Pack (4m<sup>2</sup>)

Item #: NXPERM4

1+: £24.99

(£29.99 inc. VAT)

4+: £23.75

(£28.50 inc. VAT)



BAL Rapid-Mat

BAL Rapid-Mat Uncoupling Matting - Sold Per M and Per Roll

Item #: BAL-Rapid-Mat

Dural Durabase CI-FH Matting

Dural Durabase CI-FH Decoupling Electric Underfloor Heating Matting

Item #: DRFHMAT1

5+: £9.75

(£11.70 inc. VAT)

30+: £9.35

(£11.22 inc. VAT)

60+: £8.95

(£10.74 inc. VAT)



Minimum Quantity: 5

Ardex AF200 Plus

Ardex AF200 Plus Matting Bonding Adhesive - 6kg & 14kg

Item #: Ardex-AF200-Plus

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