Manual Tile Cutting Tools

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Professional manual tile cutting tools from Genesis that help you get the job done quick.

Our selection of task-specific manual tile cutting tools include nippers, a rodsaw, spare blades, and a tile scribe. There's a tool for every tiling application. The tools are suitable for a multitude of different tiling materials including tiles and PVC tile trim.

Manual Tile Cutting Tools Products

Sigma Professional Grindstone

Sigma Professional Grindstone

Item #: SM100533

£12.90 inc. VAT

£10.75 ex. VAT


Out Of Stock

Carbide Tipped Genesis Nippers

Genesis Carbide Tipped Nippers (Heavy-Duty)

Item #: GTN971

£12.69 inc. VAT

£10.58 ex. VAT



Genesis Tile Scribe

Genesis Red Cap Tile Scribe

Item #: GTT9-1115

£1.32 inc. VAT

£1.10 ex. VAT


Out Of Stock

Genesis Compound Nippers

Genesis Triple Force Compound Nippers

Item #: GTN968

£11.94 inc. VAT

£9.95 ex. VAT



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