Marmox Wet Room ShowerStone Trays

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The Marmox ShowerStone is a reinforced wet room shower tray that is compatible with both tiles and vinyl. The GRP (glass reinforced plastic) material means that the super strong tray can be lad directly on to floor joists, and can support wheelchair access.

With a built in 5mm slope, the Marmox ShowerStone shower tray is perfect for walk in showers and wet rooms. Thanks to it's 600kg load bearing strength, the Marmox ShowerStone is compatible with any size tiles. When using with tile you will need to purchase the compatible McAlpine Drain for Tile.

Unlike most wet room shower trays, the Marmox ShowerStone can be used to create a wet room or walk in shower with vinyl flooring. The specially designed McAlpine Drain for Vinyl creates a tight seal between the shower tray and drain, avoiding any leaks or damage.

Features of Marmox ShowerStone

  • Fully waterproof wet room shower tray
  • Extremely strong GRP material
  • Easy installation
  • Level access walk in shower
  • Supports wheelchair access
  • Compatible with vinyl or tile covering
  • Lay directly to floor joists
  • Can be laid on to concrete

Marmox Wet Room ShowerStone Trays Products

McAlpine Drains for Marmox ShowerStone Trays

McAlpine Drains for Marmox ShowerStone Trays - Available for Tiles or Vinyl

Item #: McAlpine-ShowerStone-Drains

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Marmox ShowerStone Trays

Marmox ShowerStone Trays - Available in a Range of Sizes and Drain Positions

Item #: Maxmox-ShowerStone-Shower-Trays

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