Schluter Tile Trim Schluter Tile Trim Schluter tile trim profiles can be used as a transition between flooring types, as corners edges with tiles or as a decorative border.

Schluter Tile Trims and Edging at Tile Fix Direct

Tile Trim, Tile Edging, and Wall Profiles from one of Europeís leading brands - Schluter Systems.

Schluter trims and tile border profiles serve two primary benefits. Firstly, they protect the exposed tile edge from impact damage. Secondly, they provide an attractive and neat finish to your job and are perfect for edging or transitioning from tiled area to another floor covering such as carpet. They are intended for use with wall coverings, floor coverings, and skirtings made of tile and natural stone.

We stock four different varieties of Schluter tile trim, each with different purposes and made from differing materials. Their stylish and minimal aesthetic makes them perfect to use as part of the design in tile coverings. Schluter floor trims and wall trims are some of the most desirable and versatile on the market today.

Schluterís premium range of tile trim profiles are highly durable and constructed from high quality materials. Schluter is one of the leading brands in tile trims and profiles because of their quality and attention to detail. This is why we are proud to stock them, and many other Schluter products here at Tile Fix Direct.

Schluter Tile Trim and Edging Types

Schluter Dilex BWB Expansion Joints

Schluter Dilex BWB is made from recycled PVC. This material is rigid, but still absorbs compressive, tensile, and shear stresses. This allows the tile trim to accommodate relatively large movements in the tile surface.

Schluter Jolly ACG Tile Trims

Schluter JOLLY Tile Trims are decorative profiles constructed from coloured PVC. They finish and protect tiled external wall corners and other tiled edges. The integrated spacer creates a channel for grouting the tile.

Schluter QUADEC E Tile Trims

Schluter QUADEC is a connection profile that offers amazing edge protection for the external edges of tiled walls. The visible area of the tile trim forms a right angled external corner for tile coverings, making a neat finish.

Schluter SCHIENE E Tile Trims

Schluter SCHIENE Tile Trims are extruded profiles that finish and protect the edges of tiled coverings. This profile transmits point loads into the substrate and the surface covering. This helps to protect the coveringís edges against damage.

Schluter QUADEC E - 2.5m length - Available in 10mm and 12.5mm
Item # Schluter-QUADEC-E-Tile-Trim

£31.66 inc. VAT £26.39 ex. VAT
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Schluter DILEX BWB Expansion Joints
Item # Schluter-DILEX-BWB-Expansion-Joints

1+: £24.60 inc. VAT £20.50 ex. VAT4+: £19.44 inc. VAT £16.20 ex. VAT10+: £16.20 inc. VAT £13.50 ex. VAT
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Schluter QUADEC E 12.5mm 2.5m length
Item # SHQ125E

£31.66 inc. VAT£26.39 ex. VAT
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Schluter DILEX BWB (Grey) 12.5mm 2.5m length
Item # SHBWB125G

1+: £24.60 inc. VAT£20.50 ex. VAT4+: £19.44 inc. VAT£16.20 ex. VAT10+: £16.20 inc. VAT£13.50 ex. VAT
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