Genesis (101)

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Genesis have fast become the industry standard in tile trim and tile edge protection. Their range of ceramic and porcelain tile tools and solutions continue to offer innovation and value for money. Browse our range of Genesis tile trims and tiling accessories today.

A selection of genesis tile trims supplied by tile fix direct
Genesis 725-WF Fine White Cleaning Pads supplied by Tile Fix Direct
Genesis MLB Light Duty PVC Movement Joint
The Genesis 920 Tile Remover and Scraper supplied by tile fix direct
The Genesis 998 Hydro Block Cut Sponge Float supplied by tile fix direct
Genesis BACA Connector For Genesis BAA Balcony Trim in black
Genesis ETA Aluminium Pro Tile Trim
Genesis Stainless Steel Reversible Tile-In Shower Shelf used in a shower with metro tiles
Genesis Dry Cut Diamond Drill Bits supplied by tile fix direct
Genesis Spiked Rollers are used to remove trapped air bubbles in epoxy resin coatings and cementitious floor screeds
Genesis EDQ Stainless Steel Tile Trim Contour Metal Corners (2 Pack)
Genesis GLS Anti Friction Plates
The 23 litre Genesis Wash Boy supplied by tile fix direct