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LTP manufacture a large collection of cleaniners, sealiners, and maintenance solutions for both indoor and outdoor tiles. LTP offers a concise range of reasonably priced sealers, cleaners and maintenance products that are use and easy to apply. Browse our range of LTP products today.

LTP cleaning, sealing and maintenance products for tiles, supplied by tile fix direct
LTP Stoneclean Intensive Cleaner (250ml Aerosol)
The Red LTP V shaped Grout Brush is supplied by tile fix direct
LTP Water Based Colour Intensifier & Stain Block H20
LTP Multipurpose Cleaner (500ml) Spray
LTP Black Spot & Algae Remover (5 Litre)
LTP Granite Care Kit
LTP MPG H20 Polished Tile & Stone Sealer
LTP Power Stripper from Tile Fix Direct
LTP Quartzcare Cleaner (250ml Aerosol)
LTP Quartzclean Cleaner (250ml Aerosol) from Tile Fix Direct
LTP Stone Care Kit For Fireplaces & Worktops
LTP Stonecare Gentle Tile Cleaner (250ml Aerosol)