Using the correct trowel for the job is the best way to ensure that you get maximum coverage when installing decoupling membrane. This is why we offer you a free Ardex B1 2mm Notched Trowel when you buy any tub of Ardex AF200 decoupling membrane adhesive. This is the trowel Ardex themselves recommend for use with AF200, making sure you get the most out of your adhesive.


A free Ardex B1 2mm Notched Trowel is automatically added to your basket when you add Ardex AF200 to your basket.

We're making decoupling even easier and cheaper here at Tile Fix Direct. We've slashed the price of Ditra decoupling matting rolls for a limited time! Buying a 30 metre roll will now only cost £7.09 ex-vat per metre. Ditra matting is the leading brand of decoupling membranes, meant to create a seperation layer between your tiles and the substrate. It also has an inbuilt moisture barrier too, ensuring that your tiles will never crack from movement or moisture build up. Just stick the Ditra matting down and tile straight ontop!