Marmox Sloping Board 10mm to 33mm

Marmox Sloping Board 10mm to 33mm 1200x1200mm

Marmox Sloping Board

Marmox Sloping Board is made from the same materials as Multiboard tile backer boards so it has all the same great features including being waterproof, insulating, lightweight and perfect for tiling. The difference is that Sloping Board has a gradient thickness - from 33mm thick at one end and tapering down to 10mm at the other. This allows a 20mm thick standard Multiboard to be fixed underneath a sloping board (+ 3mm of adhesive) which would then have a total height of 33mm so the next Sloped Board can be butted up to it to further extend the slope.

Marmox Sloping Board on Balconies

Sloping Board was originally designed for use on external balconies and terraces. It has a low-porosity polymer concrete coating that is resistant to freeze/thaw and moisture damage, and the core is completely impermeable to water. The board’s coefficient of thermal expansion has been engineered to be similar to that of ceramic tiles, so expansion and contraction due to external temperature variation will be the same in both the tiles and the Marmox base - avoiding any cracks in the grout or any stresses developing in the tile adhesive.

Marmox Sloping Board in Wet Rooms

A large wet room or communal shower often has a drainage channel installed at the wall & floor junction, requiring the whole floor to slope towards it. Marmox Sloping Board allows you to create this easily by combining them with standard boards.

Fixing Marmox Sloping Board

Marmox Sloping Board must be fully supported. It cannot span joists and should be on a flat level surface. Comb a full bed of cement based tile adhesive over the surface of the Sloping Board or onto the floor using a 6mm or 8mm trowel, a 20mm trowel can be used for uneven floors. Place the Sloping Board side by side with the thin edge closest to the wall or butted up to where the drain will be and push firmly onto the floor. To extend the area out further, lay down standard 20mm Multiboard and then sit another Sloping Board on top, stick the Multiboard together with flexible cement based tile adhesive. Tape all the joints with Marmox Reinforcing Tape or Waterproof Tape in wet areas.

Each board measures 1200x1200mm.

Marmox Sloping Board 10mm to 33mm

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Marmox Sloping Board 10mm to 33mm

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