Orbry TrayFast Joist Hanger

Orbry TrayFast Joist Hanger (300mm)

Orbry™ TrayFast is a new way to quickly and easily fix wet room shower trays by helping to create a solid floor level with the top of the joists. No longer will you have the fiddly and time consuming job of fixing supporting battens to the joists, simply fix Orbry™ TrayFast joist hangers and lay 18mm ply inlay in half the time!


  • Fix in half the time it takes to install battens.
  • Unlike battens, TrayFast works with engineered joists.
  • Fully galvanised for wet areas.
  • Will take very heavy loads.
  • Low cost.

Fixing Instructions:

  1. Mark the position of the shower tray by placing it on the floor and drawing around it. Locate the nearest joists outside the marked area. Usually these will be denoted by where the floor boards are screwed down. Mark the line of the joist and remove the screws as necessary. Using a circular saw, set to the depth of the floor boards cut along the marked lines. Remove any screws within the marked area and remove the floorboards. Position the shower tray to check the fit and remove.
  2. Position the Orbry TrayFast joist hangers equidistant along the joists (gaps of up to 70mm between each TrayFast are acceptable) and fix each with (4x) 4 x 40mm passivated screws.
  3. Cut 18mm exterior quality ply to fit between the joist hangers and loose lay on the hangers.
  4. Mark the positions of any drains and position as per manufacturers' recommendations. Fix plywood in position with Gripfill adhesive and fix shower tray to manufacturers' recommendations.

Orbry TrayFast Requirements for Square Shower Trays

Tray Size 400mm joist spacing 450mm joist spacing 600mm joist spacing
800x800mm 8 8 8
900x900mm 12 12 12
1000x1000mm 18 18 12
1200x1200mm 24 24 16

Orbry TrayFast Requirements for Rectangular Shower Trays

  Joists running lengthways Joists running widthways
Tray Size 400mm joist spacing 450mm joist spacing 600mm joist spacing 400mm joist spacing 450mm joist spacing 600mm joist spacing
1200x760mm 16 16 16 12 12 8
1200x900mm 24 16 16 18 18 12
1300x800mm 16 16 16 16 12 12
1500x800mm 20 20 20 16 16 12
1850x900mm 36 24 24 30 30 18
Orbry TrayFast Joist Hanger

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Orbry TrayFast Joist Hanger

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